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Right if anybody wants to join a Barclays fantasy premier league paid league.  


I have set one up code is: 77129-299824 name is oneboro paid league


It will be £5 per man. The money will be paid to the winner at the end of the season by paypal (if available) or bank transfer whichever


The prize money will be decided when we have a list of participants with maybe a prize for 1st and 2nd


I will do regular updates on here so people can keep an eye on it while logged into this website.


If anybody enters please can they post on here so i know who is who.


Thank you and good luck


I've joined today - 2 Goals, 1 Cup - Cheers

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The "oneBoro Forum" league now has 54 members. Some stalwarts from previous seasons have still to put in an appearance, even though I have made sure they have the league code. Don't leave it too late people.


Two entrants remain unidentified, however, and it would be appreciated if the owners of TeamCarc and SmellsLikeTeamSpirit would please lay claim to their squads.


Raf smog, if you are having similar problems identifying members, PM me with their details and I'll help if I can.

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With the current participants standing at 21 the pot has so far has been confrimed as £105, please check below to make sure you are on the list of confirmeds. If anybody else would like to join please do before saturday 1100.  The 2 at the bottom of the list can somebody comment with which member it belongs to.


Its all about the fun with the added bonus of a decent pot for the winner.  You never know could pay for someones FA cup final.  


SmogInSheff                2 Goals 1 Cup

Bantsford23                 3 Cheers for Ramirez

TheTeesTease              5 rubber duckies

Barticus                       Barticus *******

MowbraysMoustache     Deeney in a Bottle

Essuuaitch                   Eleven Gadgeys

Raf smog                     EXrafsmog

Baresi                          FearsomeDrunknFellas

wilsoncgp                     Gorgeous George XI

Curtis Fleming               Grand Theft Porto

Maccarone Maccarone    oneParmo

OldManGravz                Mein Bergkampf

MfcLukasBoro17           MFC EIDER 17

Sack Robson                cabbage

trekkers                      Trekker's Triflers

Vergilius                      Vergilius

misterweed                  Weeds 11

Champions Forshaw       ??????????????????

Real sososbad              ??????????????????

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