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If you have (or get) a squad at FPL it's not too late. Just announce your squad name in here and I'll PM you the league code.


Just seen this... Can I still join? I'm guessing it's on the official Premier League Fantasy Football website?

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J.T. Have a look at the opening post in this thread and check your PMs. It's your FPL team name that we need. ;)

It's okay, I see Debuchy Fanni will be included in the FPL's next update.

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The new season is off to a good start with 28 goals, 2 clean sheets and some big names getting on the scoresheet.




Raf smog is the opening round's top scorer with a handsome 80 point tally, a score helped along by triple points from captain Aguero. Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, MattyBoro has the dubious honour of collecting the season's first wooden spoon for his unspectacular 25 points. That's really not too bad a  score in the opening round and things can change very quickly in this competition. Judicious use of a wild card can see a manager start romping up the table and - for me - much depends on picking the right players from a*** the first round's best performers.


New FF managers might be tempted to keep their wild cards in reserve but old hands know that it makes a lot of sense to get in good and early on the emerging bargains.


The paid league

A '*' appearing in the '£' column on the right-hand side of the table indicates that the manager also competes in the "oneboro Paid league". Unfortunately, three of the paid league managers still haven't joined the "oneBoro Forum" league and it would be a big help administratively if they would do so soon. The teams still to be entered in the free league are Cabbage (73 points), Gettin' that bread (45) and maximum boingy force (31).

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45 points in week 1 seems pretty poor, hopefully quickly gets better.

I collected 43 but I'm not at all worried. It's likely that there's another 2,200 or more points to collect before the end of the season so there's lots of scope for things to change.

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