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Joined as well. Shame it's set to starting points from the week you join and doesn't take into account previous weeks :(


If you're talking about the Premier League FF competition I think you'll find that all is well after their next update.

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Random week with only 4 fixtures!!! Plenty of costly transfers going on I think?

What do you think?

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    • No one said covid was why we were inconsistent though. Only that covid was a large contributing factor specifically to the Birmingham performance only.
    • Going from £20-£25k a week to £5k is a tremendous hardship. We all tend  to live up to our means. Obviously if 99.9% of us on here were offered £5k a week we’d snap their hands off. But footballers will have investments and mortgages up to the ying yang. Not just for their own homes but for others i.e mums& dads, sisters etc. I remember listening to me Lee Hendry about the shame he had when he couldn’t  afford the mortgage on his mums house when his career bombed. It got him harder than losing his own home to the point he considered suicide.    I hate to see the amount people are earning as a stick to beat them with (not saying that’s what you’re doing RR) but taking a pay cut of 75% would have major implications in their financial well-being to the point it could bankrupt some depending on the investments they made.    It may be hard to have sympathy for these people when we have people using food banks etc but this pandemic is a real leveller for most people and everyone will have real struggles and we should have empathy for all
    • 1. Same formation as the Forest game. Expect Akpom to come in for Britt and Wing for Tav. 2. Not really but with the way this season's fixtures have been affected, it's often vital. 3. Yes. Refs have it in for him but he doesn't help himself sometimes. 4. No, see point number 1. 5. He's getting there! 6. Maiden, clearly 7. We're too inconsistent to make the playoffs. We might sneak in there but I doubt it. 8. Atsu (in my opinion would be a good signing, he's not being given a chance at Newcastle which given their situation is pretty shocking.)
    • SATURDAY 23RD JANUARY Barnsley v Cardiff City (D) AFC Bournemouth v Sheffield Wednesday (H) Coventry City v Nottingham Forest (A) Luton Town v Rotherham United (H) Middlesbrough v Blackburn Rovers (D) Millwall v Norwich City (A) Preston North End v Reading (A) Queens Park Rangers v Derby County (D) Stoke City v Watford (D) Swansea City v Brentford (D) Wycombe Wanderers v Birmingham City (A)   SUNDAY 24TH JANUARY Bristol City v Huddersfield Town (H)  
    • I see comments referencing COVID being a disruption to preparation which I don’t deny has, but it is not the whole reason for our inconsistency. We are no different to teams in all divisions, and we are well aware COVID exists, and if we haven’t then we should have mitigation in place.  Inconstancy has been more down to team selection and tactics then COVID and the fact, well apart from the two pack leaders, anyone can virtually beat anyone right now. It doesn’t help when players are not all firing at the same time but there is more of a willingness now to work towards a common goal then previous. Look I do now believe they believe and want to make it happen.   In realty we could easily have at least another 4 to 6 points on the board and equally have the same less points so overall we are doing fairly well. OK watching us play is not for the faint hearted but that’s may be the passion in us wanting more. Listen I would rather have a win then 3 boring daws sitting on our goal line.  I did not expect to be where we are and will gladly be content if we remain there about and possibly sneak a play off spot.   
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