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Joined as well. Shame it's set to starting points from the week you join and doesn't take into account previous weeks :(


If you're talking about the Premier League FF competition I think you'll find that all is well after their next update.

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Random week with only 4 fixtures!!! Plenty of costly transfers going on I think?

What do you think?

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    • Here comes the Jinx .. Denmark haven't lost in 20 odd games .. Including the world cup .. We drew with both France and Croatia .. The finalists .. Schmeichel saved 3 pennas, but Eriksen, Schöne  and other missed .. against Croatia in a game we could have won in regular time ..  I hope for a good game tomorrow and that Randolph have a good game .. only letting in the winner from .. hmm . Maybe braithwaite? 😄
    • Almost forgot - This day back in 1973, my favourite season following the Boro 17th November 1973 Boro 3 Cardiff 0 Thiscwas our 9th home game, we had lost the 1st fixture 2-0 & conceded 5 goals at home, now we are starting to find our feet, clicking as a team & motoring through this league & the return of Graeme Souness after a 2 match suspension, with deputising Bill Gates, his only start that season standing down With goals from David Mills, surprisingly his 1st home goal of the season, 2nd in total, John Craggs with his 2nd goal also & Malcolm Smith with his 3rd goal of the campaigne, keeping the Boro in the driving seat at the top of the table Big Jacks team Jim Platt  John Craggs  Frank Spraggon  Graeme Souness  Stuey Boam  Willie Maddren  Bobby Murdoch  David Mills  John Hickton  Alan Foggon  Davey Armstrong  Sub  Malcolm Smith - Coming off the bench to score our 3rd  
    • Don’t blame you MM. we all signed up to the same situation. Keep an eye on the predictions league and you will be fine
    • Trouble is last season it was just a question of me posting PMs on Friday nights and getting peoples attention which is why we had good turn outs . This season however because of the new set up I cannot PM most people and I also cannot get in touch with most people on the @ connection as well. Very irritating to write a PM and then have the message come up that they are not excepting messages. Made the replays in the last round of the cup a farce with 2 moderators unable to receive messages. So now I have given up trying to do it at all.
    • And there was me thinking I will give everyone a better chance by opening it up and making it "THE" first goalscorer not just from one team. 😄
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