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Guest sgtpepper

Excellent choice of captain Unger,Stephenson you just peeved you never did it.. :D:D:D


Why is it I cannot look at other league members teams that are not in blue.?

Still finding my way around the new sky leagues it was ok as it was now its all bleeding different.

I see that the keepers only get 2pts for a clean sheet this season last it was 5.

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Sarge, Hart's 2 points are for being on the sheet. He hasn't got a clean sheet yet in Sky's player data, so they must still be updating.


As for being able to see most of the other teams, it's because most managers haven't made their teams public. I think that this new feature is unnecessary and Sky have created a contentious issue for everyone, especially mini-leaguers.


I think we need to make it a membership condition that teams are made public. What do you reckon?

Sky is "unavailable for essential maintenance", Tues, 9:20am.

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22 teams in the BPL one, reminds me of 92 :P

Made some changes, my strikeforce is terrifying! :P


--------- Begovic ----------

Enrique - Shawcross - Baines

Jarvis - Adam - Eagles - Brunt



Ruddy, Bardsley, Cahill, Hoolahan


Had to use my wildcard for this team :P

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Unrelated to us but, my mate put together a league consisting of one teams players/former players playing in the PL.


I entered a Boro one.


Schwarzer, Turnbull


Young, Naughton, Huth, Woodgate, Wheater


Downing, Brunt, Morrison, Johnson, Cattermole


Lita, Graham, Robbie Blake (never played for us, but he's from Boro, also, he's only in until, urghTuncayurgh, is added)

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No idea, made it yesterday :P

Matt Jarvis is from the Boro as well isn't he?


Aye, never played for us though, some are doing the born thing if they don't have enough players but I am trying to get it spot on :P

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Guest sgtpepper



First week results all in and it looks like Alfaboy (Nels United) as opened a massive 59 point gap from top to bottom.Baresi (The Smogsters) in 2nd spot not allowing him to much freedom up there.Then the mass's behind them jigging for positions.Its gonna be a long old season so expect drastic changes throughout just like The Grand National this race is a long way of being finished.


There are still quite a few of you that haven't gone public with your teams perhaps a visit to Sky Sports to change this would be a good idea.

No secrets in this league we are all open minded.


Till next time.

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