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The Sky competition cuts off at 12:45pm today. It's the BPL one that has the 11:30am deadline.


Incidentally, I entered the BPL comp during the international break and I think I prefer it to the Sky one. If enough of us feel the same way, maybe we should start a mini-league there, as well.


It's not to late to recruit fit-again Jimmy Bullard if you need a cheap replacement for an injured midfielder. Does anyone know if Benayoun is a certain starter today?

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Unlucky for some?



It's been another high-scoring week and we've averaged over 29 points apiece again, although it's also been another of those weeks where a single player has dominated. It's clear to see from the week's scores which managers have got Defoe in the squad.


Table-toppers SmoggsUtd are the week's joint top scorers with 52 points and they are beginning to draw away a bit. The other joint top scorers, $ THE DONZE FC $, have been showing very good form recently and they're now within striking distance of a place in the top third of the table. The same can be said of lorcan and ABH, while the Linthorpians look set to make further progress under their new captain.

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Sky have updated quickly again:



We picked up 544 points between us this week, for an average of 27.2 points apiece. The spread, however, ranges from Ginger Roos' lowly 5, all the way up to Nesfulo United's whopping 66 and so the table has been very volatile, with only the bottom and top two teams holding their places.


Newcomers lee's squad missed the season's first 7 matches and they have been awarded a starter of 132 points - one less than our lowest scoring, actively managed team's total for the first 7 matches.

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Sky have been quick again:



We've scored well again this week and we've picked up 32.2 points per squad on average, which is very nearly 3 points per player. The spread of scores isn't as wide as last week (ranging from VB's miserable 10 up to his friendly arch-rival's very nice 52) but the table has been very volatile again and, just like last week, it's been all-change except at the table's extremities.


It's a close-run thing again at the top of the table where only 3 points separate SmoggsUtd and sgtpepper's Red Devils but the pair of them have now opened up a gap of 50-odd points between themselves and the rest of us.

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Actually Buggsy you have just given me the chance to re-strengthen my team which has been rather flacky since I dropped Gerrard when he was injured.

After tomorrow I will remove G.Johnson and replace him with Birminghams Johnson and bank 1.8mill ontop of the spare 1.8mill I already have plus the dropping of Benayoum on Monday that will give me the brass I need for Gerrard.

That my friend will be the team I will go to the end of the season with providing I don't pick up any injuries.

Or major suspensions.

I'm glad to have been a source of inspiration for you, Sarge. :)


I think you'll be making more changes than that, though. You just won't be able to resist it, you old tinkerer you. :)


I finally dropped Kuyt for Fabregas in my recent overhaul and I think I'll be letting Benayoun go soon, as well. Young Johnson is a fine player but you're probably right to drop him because he's in a side that seems to be floundering at present. There's no doubt that ***nal deserved their win on Sunday but where does that leave Gerrard, Sarge?

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Sorry for being a bit slow but here's the latest table:



Another good points tally of 538 this week, for an average of almost 27 points per squad. Like recent weeks, there's been another wide range of scores, from the Ginger Roos' lowly 8 up to my own 52 and so the table has been very volatile again.


The tussle for the top spot continues and the Sarge's Red Devils have retaken the lead from SmoggsUtd, while VB leads the chasing pack once again after a return to form. The rest of the top half of the table have struggled to beat the week's average and my handy 52 have taken me up six places to fifth. It looks like my recent squad overhaul has paid dividends.


On the transfer front, I think it's about time the league's most popular goalkeeper started paying for his keep again. Shay Given's meagre 10 points from his last 9 matches is a very poor return, especially when cheaper alternatives are performing so much better than he is.

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On the subject of transfers, anyone wanting to make changes for the coming week must do so between midnight tonight (Monday) and 7:45pm tomorrow (Tuesday). There will be 18 PL matches played before you get another opportunity to make changes to your squad.


Looking at the fixture list, I reckon we're in for a real goal-fest with so many clashes between clubs at opposite ends of the table. High-fliers Villa, Spurs and Citeh all have some tricky-looking matches, however, either between themselves or involving Sunderland or Stoke or Blackburn. Oh, no! I've only got 1 transfer left until January. Gulp! :D

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Guest sgtpepper

Buggsy you are definetly moving at present and VB is still about I see.

Who are these teams with no names thats what I would like to know.?


Did a little fiddling this mornig you will be pleased that I will be going into the christmas period with what I believe to be my strongest line up yet.

I kept G Johnson after all he is still one of my highest scorerers and he's british which goes along way over the winter period.

Too many softy foreigners about and they tend to go off the boil.


Good luck beware not to get to close behind me over the christmas and new year period.

My methane maybe a bit to strong..:D:D

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I see we have all got the same strikeforce and the same captain and plenty of other players in common. Sarge has acted on my own hankering to have Lampard back in my squad but that would mean replacing Arshavin and I'm expecting him to do the business while Bendtner and van Persie are sidelined.


Noting that we all have a single transfer left here's what's coming up:


The holiday fixture list is a bit complicated but we have eight midweek matches spread over tonight, Wednesday and Thursday. (The "missing" two matches are scheduled for Tues and Wed, 5/6th January.) These are followed by a normal 10-match fixture list over the coming weekend (19/20/21 Dec).


Then things get really hectic with 20 matches in 5 days, starting with a full 10-match schedule for Sat 26th and Sun 27th Dec. This is followed immediately by another full 10-match schedule spread over Mon Tues and Wed. Who'd be a pro footballer, hey, or a manager with only a single sub available? :D


The following weekend (Sat 2nd) is blank and then things get back to normal on Sat 9th.


For general reference, here's a simple list of the Prem's current tally of goals for and against:


40-19 ***nal

26-14 Aston Villa

16-16 Birmingham

16-28 Blackburn

20-32 Bolton

20-34 Burnley

40-13 Chelsea

22-30 Everton

20-17 Fulham

17-34 Hull

32-22 Liverpool

29-21 Man City

34-14 Man Utd

14-24 Portsmouth

15-19 Stoke

22-22 Sunderland

35-22 Tottenham

24-31 West Ham

15-28 Wolverhampton

19-36 Wigan


I think it's clear where we should be picking our attacking players and I think it's also clear where we should avoid picking our defenders. I wouldn't want a Bolton defender in my squad, for example, even though he might be chalking up a few points at the other end of the pitch. 32 points is a big handicap to overcome.


Further thoughts, anyone?

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It might be because I'm the mini-league manager but when I sign in and bring up the Boro Forum league table on Sky, I can click on a manager and look at his squad. I'm pretty sure it's the same for everybody, though.

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