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You wanted it, you got it.


Was some discussion in the Chattybox about a music thread, and so, with festival season approaching, I decided to make one.


Feel free to link songs from Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.

Playlists from Spotify, Last.fm and such.

Discuss and review albums, talk about upcoming gigs etc (maybe OneBoro meetups?).

Festival chatter and pictures.

Anything you want music related really


(If the mods want to move this to somewhere more appropriate then feel free, this is just the most looked at part of the forum so decided to shot it here)


So.. What are you listening to on this beautiful day? What album is going to be your soundtrack to the summer?

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Brilliant - I feel proud :)


I'm on a train from Newcastle back to York after a hectic conference with woirk and I've got the XX Coexist on - love it. I have a few spoitify playlists I follow/have created I'll pop up later on

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I only know one Anti-Flag tune, but I do love it!




911 for Peace - [video=youtube]







Your URLs weren't active so bugs fixed them for you. The system permits only one embedded video per post so I embedded your first one and converted the others to links.

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Guest Changing Times

Finally a place for some real musical culture!


So here's my first installment, one of the greatest tracks of all time featuring one of the greatest men of our age.  No need to thank me everyone.



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Anyone into:

The Bees?


Jamie Lidell?

Ray LaMontagne?

Royal Blood?



These are mostly listening to artists at the moment


Plus love some late 80s/early 90s indie: Stone Roses, Shed Seven, Pulp, Oasis etc

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