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I’m watching the Long Strange Trip on Prime. What a fantastic documentary series.

If you are into the Grateful Dead, you’ll love it. If you’re not a deadhead, it’s a fascinating glimpse into one of the finest bands to come out of America.

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    • I can't see anything but a fairly comfortable Denmark win.
    • Crunch game tonight. A draw will be good enough for Denmark but a win will see us top of the group and into the second group of the seedlings for the Euro draw. We will definitely be going for the win. A few players were rested on Friday and Eriksen bagged a brace to set him up nicely for tonight. Tough game and I’m expecting Ireland to give it their all. Hopefully we will edge it. 
    • If he was available for a Championship club, I would presume someone at the top end would want him.
    • Seriously Bart I thought long and hard about that. I wanted to give all 3 points to you because at least you posted, then 2 of the no shows played each other and I wanted to just dock the game off without any points. But at the end of the day I thought to keep the peace I will just give 1 point each.  Which I really thought was being unfair to you but ? I just wanna see the end of the season and we are not even halfway through it yet. Arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh
    • Ahh I see. He’d be a class signing if we could pull it off but can’t see it happening given the noise coming out of the club over the last 18 months or so.
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