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If we get promoted I couldn't care less what colour it is. Red ones a grower though, although from the pictures the away one just seems an identical copy but a different colour. Gone for the minimalistic look it seems.


Could all be a ploy to stop Tomlin going missing in games, he surely can't disappear in that

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I really like it, it's different to what we usually have and I like the yellow! It's good to mix it up every now and then instead of having similar kits every season like Newcastle and Sunderland. I full expect this kit to sell out despite all the hate it's getting.

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Wow, some people really know how to overreact. 


I like the new home kit, Not so keen on this away. But hey, at least its not this:




S*** brown, wonder who made that choice? Top design is quite nice though

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I quite like that brown one, I can see that it will appeal to the casual wearer, it'll go well with jeans, who's kit is it?


FC Porto. Like OMG said above, the design isn't too shabby, just the colour.... Sky Blue and Brown.... mmmmmmm

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