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Transfer Window - Summer 2015

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Guest Changing Times

NB, there is mate, TAM8084 google it.


It's the one I said last night.  Might also be called JJ8084.  However if he had a medical in Sao Paulo then he might not be on it as there was only 2 hours or so between the first flight landing the second taking off unless it was delayed?

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Am glad we are back on track with regards to De Pena and being on his way to the UK, some of you guys really got me confused earlier on. The flight number was given earlier on as well I believe so should be easily checked on the inwards section to Heathrow.


Time will tell on all aspects of todays roller coaster of a ride

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So it turns out that KM is a big fat liar then with his pants on fire  :(


I don't blame him, I think he became so obsessed with breaking exclusives that he had to start making them up himself  :P


He should have quit while he was ahead after the Amorebieta one was true. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

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DePena is currently in Amsterdam waiting to board a plane to the UK.


So he's not on the plane from São Paulo? :(


Nope, he's being kept away from vehicles in a gigantic case of cotton wool so that nothing can happen to him between Amsterdam and Rockliffe.


Aitor's going to strut into the presser with a budget style briefcase, plonk it on the desk and DePena will jump out, still completely swaddled, and sing us the songs of his people long into the night and we'll forget all about this torrid saga.

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    • Yes I totally agree. He’s already admitted he could have put Fry on but even if he doesn’t we have a forward on the bench and there’s 7 minutes left why not put him on with Forss instead of playing a midfielder out of position.     what a total kick in the balls that result is, feels like a defeat. 
    • hopefully in the next week there's gonna be a few surprises.. I mean, wasn't wilder on about 4 new players?
    • I don't think we're signing a right sided central defender.
    • signed 3 free transfers and 3 loans.. only paid actual cash money for 2 strikers, both of which have been referred to as being 'ones for the future', and combined fee's for both mount to 1/5 of what we've received from Spence & Tavernier. So obviously our main striker is yet to be bought. As far as I can tell so far, we've mainly just been covering the players that have exited the club after last season. So yeah, the club need to pull their finger out. Wilder clearly also wants/needs an LCB that will work with his system. Then if he's decided to play McNair as a CM this season, imo we need an RCB that fits wilders tactics better than Dijksteel. tbh I think McNair should be a great RCB in Wilder's style though, so if he's just covering in CM atm and will go back to RCB, then we need another CM imo, probably a proper out and out defensive one. So I'm gonna say.. 3. 3 actual proper signings, that show a genuine ambition to get promoted - there's £20m still in the kitty just from the money we've made from sales..
    • They only had the chance to lob in the box because we gave it away sloppily. Overall we were brilliant and should’ve been up at least 3 or 4 by then. 

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