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Charity Football Match

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Now then,


As part of the clubs approaching 140yr anniversary the Red Faction supporters group are organising a few charity events. We're looking to organise a 11 a side match with each player paying a small fee and the collective total going to a local charity. The OneBoro forum would be an ideal opposition if you would be up for getting a team together?


Dates, venue etc are flexible so let me know if you fancy putting this together.


Regards. UTB.

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It is a great idea and we are also hoping that a game will be organised with MFC Ladies further details to be announced later on

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    • You know I stopped saying things like that when I left Marton Road infants school back in the early 60s.  😄😄
    • I agree with you. I think Hugill did go to ground a lot but probably because when he played, the closest person near him when ball was played to him were the fans in the stands. Probs thought best i can do is win a free kick. QPR and Preston showed when you use him properly, i.e in a front 2 he is actually very decent at this level. A lot better than he showed here imo.
    • Has anyone been watching these? They have been quite decent listens. They have had one with Mowbray and another with McClaren, Beswick and Harrison as well so far.  
    • I think Hugill was all too often on the ground and I couldn't stand that in a big physical lad, more-so than the regular diving player... but I also think he'd have scored more goals under Woodgate than he did Pulis. Though you could probably apply that to a lot of strikers.
    • I disagree. Replacing Britt is not the hard part imo. Getting a good fee for him under the current circumstances with 1yr left on his deal is the hard part. Ultimately we need to find a striker who gets between 12-15 goals a season as that is what we would lose with Britt.    One of the ITK members on here said we are looking at Lyle Taylor who out of contract at end of season. He has 11 goals to his name and has missed a decent chunk of season. Other players include Nakhi Wells who cost Bristol £5m (same fee as we are maybe looking at for Britt) and has 15 goals. Hugill on loan at QPR has 11 goals Woodrow at Barnsely has 14 goals Out of contract Fletcher at Sheff Wed has 13 goals. I am not suggesting we should look at any of them but they have all offered better value for money than britt so getting more bang for your buck than we have from Britt is not hard. Might be for us due to our past incompetent scouting department but some other clubs managed it. Maybe we can this summer...
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