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We've got a Music thread, but we haven't got a Film thread so here it is...


Discuss anything you want on Film here from the last film you watched to what you are looking forward to watching. What about the best film you've watched in recent years? Also feel free to recommend films to watch.


I'll go first...


Last three films I've watched after ordering them from Amazon:


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Brilliant. Good action scenes and effects, loved the hostile relationship between the humans and the apes.


Noah - Meh. Thought it dragged on a bit. But good effects and plenty of action.


Guardians of the Galaxy - I do love a good superhero movie this take it to a whole new level. Love Groot. Already looking forward to the next one.




Best films I've watched in recent years and would recommend you to watch them if you haven't already:


Captain Phillips


The Dark Knight trilogy

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes...will add more...my mind seems to have gone blank :D


**Mods feel free to move this to wherever it needs to go**

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As someone who has watched more than one person go through chemo and surgeries, I am amazed that he has been knocking out movies at the rate he has in the last 4 years. Cancer and the treatments it re

I’m more a fan of the psychological ones. The autopsy of Jane Doe is a good one

It should be a good watch. Hes definitely a what if regarding the Boro if he had stayed on for another couple of years. The Bobby Robson one on Netflix is worth the watch as well. 

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I watched legend. Tom hardy was great when portraying Ronnie. And am looking forward to seeing Creed


I thought Tom Hardy was very good in it. But I think it was poorly scripted and directed. Didn't enjoy it very much despite his good turn as both brothers.

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Not a film but has anyone been watching Narcos? Im 3 episodes in and its brilliant so far


It is on my list of things to watch. Does it live up to the hype?

I am currently working my way through series 2 of The Blacklist but intend to give Narcos a try after that.

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Just finished Narcos the other week. Brilliant show. Love how they use original footage and also allow the spanish speaking characters to actually speak Spanish and not some broken down english to please the american crowd. They guy playing Escobar is doing a great job.


Watched the documentary "cocaine cowboys" right afterwards. It's a two hours documentary about the influx of cocaine into Miami when it all started.


Watched "Deliver us from Evil" a while back and that was one of the best suspense movies I've seen in a while. "The Visit" was decent entertainment too as was "The Babadook".

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Narcos was amazing. Loved it. There's an Amazon series - 'The Man in the High Castle' which gripped me on its pilot. About what could've happened to the U.S. If the Nazis had won WW2.


In Bruge is definitely one of my favourites. Shawshank Redemption is a classic.


If all goes well, I may be filming a horror film soon... That'll obviously be the best think that's ever been produced. Ever. ;)

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Not a film but has anyone been watching Narcos? Im 3 episodes in and its brilliant so far


Great idea, we can discuss TV Series as well :D


I'm really looking forward to Gotham Series 2 which gets televised in the UK in 2016, loved the first series

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Watched the first episode of Gotham series 2 the other day ;)

It looks very good, enjoyed the first series after a rough start.


Really enjoyed last night's Walking Dead as well.

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