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BORO vs Brentford (A) 1-0

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[align=center]Event: Brentford vs Boro

Venue: Griffin Park

Date: 12th January 2016

Kick Off Time: 19.45pm[/align]



“Leadbitter’s crossfield ball finds McCormack, McCormack cleverly slides the ball into Bamford's path, Bamford dummies it…Rhodes SCORES!”


Oh sorry, that just me daydreaming about transfers! So here we are, my first every match day thread. It seems like an eternity since I agreed to this, OMG well done on bringing good luck to the Boro! Now watch me surpass your run. I bet you can all hardly contain your excitement so shall I move on to the important part?


*I'm not very good at this sort of stuff so pardon me if it doesn't look very creative. Just let me know what you think and how I can improve on it for next time*




Boro go into this game on the back of a cup exit after losing to big spenders Burnley. Dyche must be loving it! But barring that we’ve been in fine form in the league.  7 wins in 8, 8 consecutive clean sheets! Whoever put up that thread “What’s gone wrong and what needs to change?” a few months back must be feeling slightly silly now?


Brentford also got knocked out of the cup, losing against their manager’s former club Walsall. Karma? Brentford's form has been a bit “meh” of late. 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats in their last 5.


Our opponents:


Brentford go into this one sitting 10th in the league on 36 points (5 points behind 6th place Ipswich) after a somewhat disastrous start to the season. They are joint second top scorers (37 – one more goal than us) in the division, only 3 goals behind Fulham. But they’re not as impressive at the back having conceded 35.


They are managed by former Walsall manager Dean Smith who replaced the sacked Marinus Dijkhuizen (I have no idea how you pronounce that) on 30th November 2015. Lee Carsley had been appointed until the end of the season but he didn’t want the job full time.


A little History lesson for you lot:


• Brentford Football Club’s creation in 1889 is owed to the decision by the Brentford Local Board to open a new Recreation Ground in the town.

• Brentford were effectively forced to turn professional in 1899 as punishment for being found guilty of paying their players! It was supposedly illegal in those days, WTF?

• In 1904, Brentford drew against Plymouth Argyle in their first home game at Griffin Park. (P.S. Remember when Plymouth beat us at home in Wee Gordon Strachan’s first game in charge, I attended that match. Fun times)

• You know Cameron Diaz? She apparently supports them according to their former chairman, Dan Tana, who now owns a restaurant in LA.


Last time we met:


Beat them 3-1 way back on 15th September 2015 thanks to a brace from our Uruguayan hitman Cristhian Stuani and an icing on the cake from Ohh Albert Adomah. Highlights here http://www.skysports.com/football/mboro-vs-brentford/339611


View from the other side:


Can’t seem to find anything yet. Will update if I find anything.


Probable Line Up:


Ross McCormack and Patrick Bamford to start? Nah, just kidding *puts tin hat on*


Having made 7 changes against Burnley you would think we’ll go back to the same team that dismantled the mighty Derby County? So that’s Dimi, Nsue, Ayala, Gibson, Gorgeous, Clayton, Leadbitter, Adomah, Downing, Stuani, Kike.


Hope to see us get back to winning ways. 2-0 Boro first goal scorer Stuani.


Talking Points:


1) When are we going to get in on the January transfer action?

2) What is it about transfer window’s that make them so obsessive?

3) Is our cup exit a blessing in disguise?

4) Team and Score Prediction?

5) Why did the chicken bloody cross the road?

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Love it KM


Time to test our bounce-backibility. Back to the same old same clean sheet, win, 3pts easy peasy :)








0-1 win Adomah goal scorer

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Good effort for your first time mate.. Fudge knows what mines going to be like :)


1. Next week

2. The hope of great signings.

3. Yes.. Its a big advantage if our main rivals Derby & Hull go far in the tournament.

4. I would start with.. Dimi, Nsue, Ayala, Gibson, Friend, Leadbitter, Clayton, Stuani, Downing, Adomah, Kike

5. Because he wanted to welcome McCormack to the Boro :)

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1. Transfers now

2. Answer's in the question: Transfers.

3. Yes, because it means we can concentrate on transfers

4. 11 players we haven't signed yet. 1-0 to the boro if we sign a goalscorer between now and then.

5. To get to the transfer exclusive on the other side.

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1. 21st

2. The hope of uncovering the next Afonso Alves

3. I believe and hope so.

4. Dimi, Nsue, Ayala, Gibson, Friend, Leadbitter, Clayton, Stuani, Downing, Adomah, Kike and 1-2


This will be my first ever league game in London, my first game I'll be going to alone and also my first non non-league game in a standing area! Exciting times guys.

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Well KM, great opening post, I hope you reign for the rest of the season.


Thank You. Aye, would be nice but I'll be sick of writing up post after post by then. :D

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Guest Kalvin27

1. Last week in Jan

2. Dreaming of players wanting to help be part of this turn around from the relegated Boro.

3. 100% - less games on main opponents - less risk of injuries - Changing backup squad

4. Same team against Derby. Boro 2-0

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Well... I've done my usual thing of refraining from posting when we go on a run after overhead a period away from the forum. Last nights loss means I can now post again! :D Daft superstition, but it worked to get us into the play-offs last term and top of the league by Christmas this term!


In full agreement with Uwe on the line up. That's the team which has performed so brilliantly recently, it'd be good to see it utilised again. Brentford will be a tough game as they haves few talented, game changing players we'll have to be aware of, and Dean Smith is a very astute tactician.


A narrow 1-0 victory is what I'm going for. Kike to net it.

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1) Got a feeling we will see some action this week

2) The excitement of the unknown

3) Probably, but it won't feel like it in a few weeks when we are sat bored on a Saturday while everyone else plays

4) Usual line up and 2-0 Boro

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We have beat Brentford at least the last 5 times, Their squad is weaker & ours is stronger than previous games, ie last season.


If we think it will be an easy game we won't win but if we treat it like the Derby game I think we will win easily.

Hopefully the cup game was a kick up the backside & showed us if we are wasteful in front of goal & not fully concentrated we will drop points.


Brentford 1-2 Boro

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Really looking forward to this game. Get on with the league now. Going into the second half of the season the tension is going to rise and the players will be aware that we cannot afford any slipup or laps of concentration. Conceding two goals and losing a game after we went 1-0 up is very rare, and every one around the team will want to put it right and kick on.


Derby and Hull are both at home and although the have tricky ties, Reading and Cardiff respectively, I fully expect them to win, which means that we cannot afford to lose points at Brentford. We have to keep that 4 point gap.


Same team as against Derby no doubt. 1-0 to the Boro with Stuani netting the winner.

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Well firstly I can not entice people with the DS award as KM has already asked for this in his opening post! Not that it makes much difference seeing as there have not been any winners of late.


To be honest, and yes I know that Brentford lost at home in the cup to Walsall, I am a little concerned that we might not do as well as we normally do against the B's and that a draw could be the likely outcome.


Very important we try and get points even though we will still be top of the league whatever the result but I do have mixed feelings about the game as clearly a few of our forward players need to step up to the plate after listening to the Burnley game.


Also and how weird is this I can not justify the use of my very seldom used phrase...........at this time!

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