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BORO vs Brentford (A) 1-0

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1) When are we going to get in on the January transfer action?

After Bristol City game I reckon the week inbetween that game and Forest, something will begin to happen.


2) What is it about transfer window’s that make them so obsessive?

Playing with potential players on FIFA, then the disappointment of putting them back to their original teams when they don't sign.


3) Is our cup exit a blessing in disguise?

I believe so, yes.


4) Team and Score Prediction?

Same team as against Derby. 2-0, Stuani and Ayala


5) Why did the chicken bloody cross the road?

It didn't as Ayala and Dimi were in the way.

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Nope, it will be Kalas


I think Kalas will be too, but assuming we put out the same team as Derby, that would mean our subs would be


Mejias, Kalas, Forshaw, Fabbrini, Nugent, ???, ???


Assuming de Pena will come in to take one of the roles vacated by Nando & Zuculini, you're still looking at a space on the bench, and you'd have to assume it would be a defensive player.

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2-0 Brentford.


Its been far too long without having a mini-crisis. We need two defeats on the bounce to instill some fear-***ering and typical Teesside pessimism into the mix.


Midweek games in London? MEH. Who decided this? Granted we have a decent enough London fanbase to make the trip but sometimes the Football League is having a laugh.

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I think this could be one of the toughest tests for us from now to the end of the season.


Brentford away is always a tough game, I know we won twice there last year, but I went to both games there and it was not easy.

Tuesday night away fixture in London doesn't help, and finally as mentioned above, lose this and that's two on the bounce, not a crisis by any means, probably not even too much to be concerned by. But it might start to play on the teams minds, pressure might start to build.


Here's hoping I'm completely wrong, and we thrash them!

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Im in 2 minds about this one. Our bouncing back from defeat under AK has been excellent so Saturday could be the kick up the backside we need. However the law of averages suggests having beaten them 5 times in a row in the last year they must be due something out of us. However I am hoping Saturday was a blip and believe we may get a 2-0 or 2-1 with Stuani 1st goalscorer.

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