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BORO vs Brentford (A) 1-0

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Finally got bet365 to pay out!


Did they pay out in full? What was your bet? If so I'm going to call them again as I fell they owe me 45 quid still after they only offered me a small bonus. If you don't mind I'd like to refer them to your username so the caller can see that they've actually accepted your bet. You can PM me.

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Just been having a read of one of the Brentford forums.



"Their keeper played up, feigning a knock early on, getting the ref on side, then every time anyone went near him he was looking for a decision."

"Then we had the Nugent show, leaving a bit on the Bees player each time he challenged - then going over easy when anyone got near him. 'It is 100% coached'."


"Spanish Manager. It's like that all the time over here, they all try to con the ref and then get indignant when he makes a wrong decision."


"Agree with the coaching of cynical tactics by them, it was apparent throughout the game. Breaking up the rhythm of the play, simulation and getting into the ref at every opportunity. Nugent and others were at it all game and are very good at it. It gets results but I don't think it is the way our club will go and it is not seemingly in DS's makeup either."



So apparently Karanka is coaching players to simulate, dirty tactics etc. Considering we havent won ugly many times this or last season what a load of tosh.


Brentford arent bitter much.........lol




Pretty sure their manager admitted to his players having to resort to some cynical fouls in the post match interview, people in glasses houses n all that.

Even so, you'd have thought the brentford hierarchy would have identified the issue by now? I mean we have beaten them 6 times in two seasons, what more can we possibly do to show them the error of their ways? ;) :)

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