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I hope we start with: Dimi; Nsue, Ayala, Gibson, Friend; Leadbitter, Clayton; Adomah, Ramirez, Downing; Rhodes.


I've got a bad feeling that Karanka might give Adomah a rest and play Stuani instead as he's the only attacker that hasn't had a rest. I'd much rather Nsue play at RW, with De Laet going to RB, instead of Stuani, that might disrupt the team too much though. Our attacking options don't have the greatest deal of strength in depth, as de Pena and Kike Sola appear nowhere near good enough at the moment, so I think that might be making Karanka be so cautious about giving the best attacking 3 rests every so often so that they don't get tired and pick up a muscle injury or fail to perform to their usual standards.

I'd go with that side, I'm hoping Ramirez hasn't taken a knock though after being subbed, my mate kept saying to me he thought Ramirez had taken a knock I wasn't that sure.

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Reading have generally been shocking away from home having started the season quite brightly, winning their first three games on the road at Brentford, Bristol City and Burnley. Since that win at Turf Moor back in September, they have really struggled and had to wait until February for a 4th away win which came at Charlton. Their only other success came earlier this month winning 1-0 at Bolton who played much of that game with 10 men. Having watched highlights of their games, they look weak on the left side of defence, so hopefully Nsue and Adomah can take advantge of that. Their finishing against Birmingham on Saturday was woeful and they have a different forward line to the one that beat us earlier in the season. I don't think it will be a pushover by any means but i would be very disappointed if we didn't come out of this game with 3 points. I will go for a 2-1 win.

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I don't have a clue what the team will be for this, but I don't expect a lot of changes. Rhodes and Downing back in for Stuani and Nugent, maybe.

2-0 here. Score two first half and shut it up. Leadbitter and Rhodes.

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Quite worried about this one as the pressure will be on us take advantage of our game in hand.


Reading have nothing to play for but that doesn't mean they'll hand it to us on a plate.


An early goal could change everything for both teams.


I'd like to see us go with

















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Hasn't Adomah played full time in the previous three games? Could be a case of resting him and starting downing on the left at Stuani right.


Otherwise I think Rhodes and Clayton will be back in and an unchanged defense depending on niggling injuries.


We definitely have enough on paper to beat reading so hopefully the players want it more than reading and will put in 100 percent. 2-0 boro

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We really have not fared too well recently against Reading with only one win in the last 5 attempts and they are to me one of those "bogey" type teams we always seem to struggle with.


Who can forget the away display going behind so quickly and never ever seeming as if we could do anything about it?


Ok I write this before tonight's Brighton game so irrespective of the result this game is still this "game in hand" that we have had hanging over us and one that has to be taken advantage of.


The result of this game is massive in terms of now and the end of the season, win it and we go top of the league, lose it and quite possibly we could be down to 3rd spot coming Saturday 2 points behind Brighton if results go their way.


Of all the games we have had to face recently and during this countdown period this I have to admit is the one that has concerned me the most mainly due to how we have dealt with Reading over recent times.


I hope Boro want to repay in kind the earlier result at the Madjeski Stadium and send out a clear message to both Burnley and Brighton that we intend to stay where we currently are either top or second.


The win will pile on pressure to those around us and possibly allow Boro to open a points gap from third place that within the next couple of games would be uncatchable.


There is no so far for me with this game but a clear statement that this game IS THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THE SEASON ( I hope folks understand my logic with this statement that is seldom used)


As far as teams go then at least retain and use the front 5 we had against QPR and Huddersfield

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If we rest players, we are invariably not playing our best side, the basic idea of football for a team chasing promotion is to win the next game. We are at home, a win gives us a lead over Burnley. Let's win this one with our best side, then worry about the next game. After all TITMIGOTSSF, fgs

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    • words rarely seen in same sentence.            Joey Barton is innocent..  or not guilty. Obviously Barnsley manager dived despite testimony of eyewitness 
    • It’s clear Wilder plans on a long term stay at Boro. He has a “free hit” this season, as expectations are not sky high. We have limited money available and moving players on may not be easy as supposedly we pay more that a lot of clubs (maybe to get players to the north-east?). All of the above suggests to me, he will only sign players in January who are exactly what he wants and that if he can’t find them he will be prepared to wait until the summer rather than settle for something second best. That being the case we might not see as much movement as is hoped. The departures might be limited to those who definitely can’t  fit into the style and those with longer term contracts where we might as well take the hit now as later, but in each case only where we can find the right replacement and we get the right saving (either in transfer fee or in cutting wage bill). Incomings might be one or two permanents, plus loans from Premier League where we have no long term commitment or huge cost In terms of possible departures, Hall fits into the first category and if we can’t find an experienced replacement, Wilder might be planning to use Wood to give him experience and see if he can step up. Uche fits into both categories and if we can get some of our money back, I think he will be on the road. With Hernandez and JLS, it depends on whether there are any recall clauses allowing us to end the loan in January. I would doubt it - and both can do as squad members until end of season, so I am a bit doubtful they will be on the way. Stoj ends his contract at the end of the season and he may be able to find another club to take on his wages. If he does, then maybe one of Hemmings or Brynn will be recalled as third keeper. In terms of quality I think they would be fine, although in many ways they would be better getting first team experience where they are. Although I am not a fan of either Daniels or Lumley, again I think our wage commitment to them may prevent either leaving - unless we can and want to loan an equivalent of Dean Henderson ( as he was when SU loaned him). If Wilder can get his ball playing centre half, then Dijksteel can cover RWB and I would leave Spence to get the experience at Forest. yes, it helps them, but it may be beneficial in long term either in his development and attitude or in raising his value. So for me, OUT - Hall, Uche, Stoj and Browne and Coburn on loan. IN - good centre half and a couple of forwards, maybe one on loan. Also either Taylor or another left back for the rest of the season. Any other incomings only where we get a bargain or cut out other clubs ( e.g. where a player will be out of contract in summer and we would end up in a bidding war)
    • Hartlepool or Sheff Utd in the cup. Or just for kicks and giggles Derby.
    • Looking at Sheff Utd most of the keepers he brought in were around 22. I wouldn’t be surprised with a loan move for a Liverpool or Man City keeper.
    • there’s two considerations for me in this. Firstly, I think some of this depends on where we are going to play Djik. If he is now a CB then I would want a RWB to come in and Spence is the most obvious choice. He can challenge Jones for the spot and competition will be good for both of them.  I don’t want it to be the case that if Jones has a dip in form, suspension or injury that we are having to juggle several players about. the secondary issue is where is Spence’s head. Does he want to come back or is he done with Middlesbrough. I don’t want anyone that may be disruptive in the dressing room. I am not saying he is or isn’t I have no knowledge either way but I would want to know where his head is at.

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