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We are in a great position, great passion on here but some of you, GET THAT NEGATIVITY OUT OF YOUR HEADS, Brighton & Burnley would swap with us all day long, the head coach is happy with the point and the performance, Burnley will be gutted not to have beaten us, and nobody will fancy playing us, 19 out of 21 points that's great form.


Think the negativity is just from the fact we lost it from leading and didn't threaten them enough to extend that lead. Like I said, I thought we'd lose so it's definitely a point gained. But the difference between a win and a draw is pretty huge in this game. 5 points would have been the gap from 3rd had we won which really would have been a massive position to be in. 2 points means 1 slip-up away from dropping to 3rd.


But we've not allowed Burnley to get past us and focus switches to Saturday now. 3 games to go and top of the league. COME ON YOU LITTLE BEAUTIES!


Also, Olly predicted the result correct!

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A point at Burnley is a great result, that's all we can think about.


We move on to Ipswich, at home. They're not playing very well & we're usually very strong at home, win that, hope Brighton/Burnley slip up in their games.

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Lots of permutations...


Burnley will go top going into Saturday with a win at Preston.

Ipswich scored an injury time equaliser but are somewhat out of form. Mathamatically they can still make the playoffs.

I always associate Ipswich with a big defence... Berra, Smith, Chambers etc. Surely at the Riverside we can get the points.


Would you call this a MUST win?

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Before the game, I was hoping for a draw as I feared worse. After the game, I'm regretting the draw because I hoped for better. Football really messes with your head.


Still top of the league, still in our hands. Onwards.

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    • no need to panic after one defeat. it was away at a play off pushing team. we went 3-0 down and still were not out of the game. we are a good side. once the team buck up their ideas and the new lads come in i expect lots of W's. 
    • The biggest thing from the Akpom side of things is that Wilder is obviously concerned about his fitness levels but also didn't want him as part of the group until the week of the Marseille game. Maybe Akpom also didn't want to be part of the group and wanted a move elsewhere and it hasn't materialised but if Akpom has shown enough in 2 games as an unfit player that he has something to offer Wilder then it begs the question why Wilder didn't want him around before that. Did he not properly assess the qualities he had? I mean, it's still early days and 2 games doesn't change what has otherwise been a poor Boro career so far from Chuba but it's a little concerning if Wilder is willing to push on wanting to do deals without fully understanding the depth of the players contracted to the club. What really matters now of course is if he does now see something of value in him that he doesn't double down and he does welcome him into the group. Things change all the time in football and that's okay. But Akpom's lack of match fitness seemingly lands on the manager's door so with the benefit of hindsight, it looks like a poor decision to have kept him out in the cold for so long. Fingers crossed we don't have any more situations like this and that Chuba goes from strength to strength.
    • Crooks is ***. Would love us to sign a replacement for him. and a proper DM for Howson.  
    • Sadly I couldn't imagine the club being as forward thinking as that these days. The application for the permit is probably still sat in someone's outbox. Feel proper grumpy with such little action following the "buzz" that was building early on in the summer. When do season tickets renew again ha ha?

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