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Pre season friendlies

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Where is Gaston?


Trying to find out if he can un-cancel that cancelled contract with Penarol.


Welcome back.


I'm not back, just watching the game so thought I'd pop in here and see what people were saying.

Welcome back but if you're not, I'm sure you know you can, any time you feel like it, like. ;)

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    • I wouldn't be surprised if Lewis Wing's loan at Sheff Wed was cancelled and he ended up at another club. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-wednesday-player-moore-snub-22850581 "Wing is one of six loan players on the Owls' books. English Football League rules stipulate only five can be named in a matchday squad. Although Moore has no qualms with carrying lots of loans, the likelihood is Wednesday will sign at least one more before the January deadline. Talks are ongoing with Arsenal over borrowing striker Tyreece John-Jules for the remainder of the campaign. There are big question marks surrounding Wing and Lewis Gibson's futures. Neither Wing nor Gibson have fulfilled their potential for various reasons. Three defeats from the last four matches has derailed the Owls' promotion push and Moore must quickly decide on the make-up of his loan contingent. Their season could hinge on the decision."
    • I get where you're coming from but it was hardly Roberto Di Matteo winning the Champions League though, was it? You can respect the way he came in for sure but I think it's important to acknowledge the difficulty of the task that he had when he came in, it wasn't overwhelming and he had a good group of players to work with.
    • I wouldn't describe Onel as deadwood personally. The only reason he left is exactly because the manager and style of play changed. I also think there's a very good chance we would have got him with or without Scott as I believe he is widely believed to be the player Warnock said he'd "take in a heartbeat" when potential transfers were being discussed.
    • Hospitality at the JCA is, indeed, very good. I've got a Scots mate who keeps threatening to take me to a Utrecht game. Must do it one of these days.
    • I can see where you're coming from Pidge, however, there is another way of looking at it, keep the players and have a better chance of staying up and we are a much better prospect for prospective buyers who may be prepared to go higher if others start over-bidding them. The more money we get in, the more we can pay our creditors. My preference would be to pay off all creditors 100%. I did come up with an idea whereby Mel lends the club the money to pay off the creditors and thereby becomes one himself, he writes off the £140M we owe him. The club leaves Admin and he gets 25% of the new debt up front. The rest is paid back over time, £2M at the start of each season and 25% of any profits made each financial year until the interest free loan is paid back to him. I'd also have Derby (and preferably the rest of the EFL teams) present a budget before the start of every season to the EFL, as happens here in the Netherlands. The budget has to be believable. Projected income and projected outgoings, a club knows then how much "extra" it has to buy players. The idea is to NOT make a loss. If, due to circumstances, you do make a loss, each subsequent year's budget has to include a realistic plan on how, and over what reasonable time scale, the club will pay off their debts. Failure to produce a realistic, believable budget sees the club getting it thrown back at them to amend and keep to the amendments. Failure to do so will lead to an immediate points deduction. Recurring infringements can see a club thrown out of the League. That would ensure nobody could end up where we currently are.  

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