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Pre season friendlies

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If it's a highlight it's by nature a quality chance right, unless the match is so *** you're putting literally any terrible cross in the highlights package.


Not really. Even in the three minute highlights there is a fair amount of filler.


It's surprising how long three minutes is when you are trying to fill it with footage

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Thought Baptiste was brilliant tonight, even looked comfortable when pushed out to left back in the second half


Guzan looked comfortable too, a few good saves

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Happy to hear Baptiste having a good game. Will be chuffed for him if he earns his place in the 25. Waited long enough for his chance.


Didn't get to see much of the game, watched the first 7-8 minutes and best I got to see was Rhodes' effort. He looks sharp and it's paid off for him so far. Will be disappointed for him if he gets dropped for the Stoke game as it is. Really can see him making the step up. His intelligence for a forward is incredible pretty much every time I've seen him.

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I find it odd that no one has mentioned how awful Stuani was tonight. Id say it was probably the most ineffective performance from a player so far this preseason its almost as if hes just so vanilla that nobody notices.


Didnt think he was that great last season to be honest. His first touch is terrible. Think he'll struggle to not get sent off in the prem.

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Stuani was fine, particularly when Nsue came on. Gave away some daft fouls and certainly didn't pull up any trees, but he wasn't bad.

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I thought we looked worryingly toothless up front to be honest. Apart from Gaston's free kick I didn't see us create anything of note, and I'm not sure their keeper had a meaningful save to make? (Disclaimer: I missed the first ten minutes and I think Rhodes may have had a decent effort in that time?)


The season starts in ten days, and I would hope we would be a bit more potent going forward by this stage. As others have said, the crossing was poor and no one seemed to want to shoot, preferring at one stage to pass the ball back from the edge of their box to our defender on pretty much the half way line.


Plenty of positives last night, but I did think going forward was a glaring weakness. We can't rely on 0-0's or grinding out 1-0's in this league.

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I think last night went fine, some good performances but clear we tired after a while. Stuani and reach have a similar technique of moving into good positions then checking back which blunted us.


Buzzing for Saturday's game, I would have thought he will start with something like his best 11 maybe....



Nsue baptiste Gibson friend

De Roon Clayton

Adomah Ramirez downing


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stuani wasnt bad? really tom. he stood out as being poor for me. i dont think he was fit, looked off the pace a little to me. i agree with you about nsue though. when he's behind stuani it almost doest matter stuani's not a winger anymore, aint no one like nsue. :)


reach on the other side actually looked better, although reach's style ruins him not his ability to trap a ball and pass it. reach is the opposite of fischer. fischer being to much an attacker taking to many risks, reach being to much the defender, not taking enough.

albert edges on the risk side and downing edges on the cautious side. but neither are to the extreme reach and fischer are.


ramirez was his usual self but i think even he looked a bit unfit. him and stuani might be a little behind the others fitness wise.


negredo looks like he has that bit of class about him still, we could have a right player on our hands.


i think we could end up seeing a strange team vs stoke. depending who is fully up to speed and who isnt. negredo played as 10 when he came on behind nugent. i think AK might be thinking rhodes CF negredo 10. it will probably be negredo and ramirez though. the defence picked itself now. baptiste was great last night, fit as anything and looking strong. he made a mistake but was right in to recover and hook it away. when he did that i thought oooh dodgy. but infact that was it, faultless throughout apart from one minor mistake.

de sart looked better than forshaw to me, dont know if anyone else thought that.


team for stoke:-





------clayton de roon


friend gibson baptiste nsue



quick edit, anyone worrying about us being toothless, we basically played a second/third string side barring friend and ramirez. we were playing a very good udinese team, a couple of years ago we got beat 2-0 at home by villarreal with our best 11 out and we barely laid a hand on them. dont worry guys we will be fine. pre season is all about graft and routine. once the season starts we'll start to express ourselves more.

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