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FM16 Do It Better - Aston Villa

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None of you signed Kristoffer Ajer? Especially if you are thinking long term. Probably not if you just do the one season challenge.


I think Cubas is better. A little bit more money but worth it overall in my opinion.

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Right, first season done! Went pretty well all in all. Managed to start the overhaul of the squad and somehow managed to win the FA Cup (possibly having the easiest run to the final in history helped) securing european football meaning we have a decent £47m transfer budget for the coming season.


Final league table:




We had a pretty good record against the teams above us but irritatingly losing twice to Swansea, Everton, Spurs and Man Utd meant we didn't quite finish as high as i would have dreamt. However, finishing 8th is nothing to be scoffed at.


Second Half of the Season Results:






Squad Performances:





Some really impressive performances overall and a few players played themselves into my short term plans at least. The standout from this season, Ayew, was much better up top than I thought he would be to be honest; he's still going to be replaced next season but good to know he's a capable second choice.


Quite excited about next season to be honest!

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I finished 14th in my first season with Villa actually really enjoyed it probably going to continue it.


horrible first half of the season till i changed tactics after christmas and went on a half decent run that saved me.

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Just finished January; currently sitting 1 point clear at the top of the league. I have, however, spent an inordinate amount of money this season. My board just kept giving me more and more so I've really managed to bring in some top quality players. I always focus on youth with my transfers so this team is only going to get better the more seasons I play.






Starting XI:



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Finished 2nd! 4 points off 1st after losing to Chelsea, the champions, on the second last day of the season. Champions league to come next season!


In preparation for the new season, transfers less a plenty than the last few seasons but still some decent money spent!




Leaving my starting XI going into the new season looking like:



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    • The appeal doesn't go to the EFL, it goes to an independent board.
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    • The last section is the exact reason Wigan won't win their appeal. The EFL simply refuse to acknowledge that their set of tests is not fit for purpose. They even then mention another case where that was evident (Bury).
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