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Predictions League 2016/17

Do you want a PL Cup this season?  

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The Predictions League is BACK!


Welcome to the oneBoro 2016/17 Predictions League.


All those from last season wishing to continue in the competition will be allocated leagues based on last seasons results.


New members are welcome - just let me know below if you want to join in and we will add you to one of the leagues.


The rules:


  • Each weekend set of Premier League fixtures will be set to predict upon, giving Home, Draw or Away as a result (Saturday and Sunday fixtures only). You will also be asked to predict the first Boro goal scorer (own goal/no scorer also count).


  • As last season you will be going head to head with a league opponent. The predictor with the highest number of correct predictions (1 point for correct result, 1 point for correct scorer) will gain 3 league points, 1 point for a draw and 0 for a loss. 


  • If your opponent fails to predict, you will be judged against the league average. If you win, lose or draw against the league average you will score the normal points. The non predicting player will still score 0.


  • At the end of the season, the predictor with the highest number of correct prediction points will be awarded 5 bonus league points for being awesome. 


  • The deadline for predicting each week will be 11am on Saturday morning of the fixtures. Late predictions will not be accepted and will be ignored. If you are away for a period of fixtures then you can PM future predictions to me and they will be entered on your behalf.


  • Results will be posted each week shortly after the final result.


Please also let me know if there is interest in an additional Predictions League Cup competition to be run along side the FA Cup.


Sign up below - and good luck predictors, new and old!





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