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2016/17 Predictions League Rules

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The rules:

Each weekend a set of 10 League fixtures (all Saturday & Sunday premier league fixtures + additional random fixtures) will be set to predict upon, giving Home, Draw or Away as a result. 


You will also be asked to predict the first Boro goal scorer (own goal/no scorer also count).


As last season you will be going head to head with a league opponent. The predictor with the highest number of correct predictions (1 point for correct result, 1 point for correct scorer) will gain 3 league points, 1 point for a draw and 0 for a loss. 


If your opponent fails to predict, you will be judged against the league average. If you win, lose or draw against the league average you will score the normal points. The non predicting player will still score 0.


At the end of the season, the predictor with the highest number of correct prediction points will be awarded 5 bonus league points for being awesome. 


The deadline for predicting each week will be 15:00 (3pm) on Saturday of the fixtures. Late predictions will not be accepted and will be ignored. In the case of missing the early kick-off fixture you can still predict on the later kick-offs but please put a V (Void) instead of the HDA (Home, Draw, Away).


If you are away for a period of fixtures then you can PM future predictions to me and they will be entered on your behalf.


Results will be posted each week shortly after the final result.


Acceptable Prediction Formats:


Precede the fixture with an A H or D

H Hull v Leicester 12:30


Precede the fixture with an Away Home or Draw

Home  Hull v Leicester 12:30


Follow the fixture with an A H or D

Hull v Leicester 12:30 H


Follow the fixture with an Away Home or Draw

Hull v Leicester 12:30 Home


A string of 10 A/D/H followed by the first goal scorer





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Seeing as there are 16 players in each league, when does the "season" end? After 30 matches, with maybe playoffs or something for the remaining matches in the PL/EFL?

Or will we be drawn against some oppnents three times and others twice?


Genuine questions, not a criticism. Enjoying it so far. ;)

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The intention is 30 matches and I have been considering using the final weeks of the season for a play off for those on the cusp of promotion from the lower leagues.

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