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The night of

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Anyone been watching the his hbo limited series? Its based on a UK series and is full of intrigue and I actually have no clue what the actual revelation will be at the end of the season which is refreshing.


I've found it to be very similar in style to the wire. Slow paced plot wise but lots of character moments and compelling dialogue. I'd go as far as saying the 6 episodes I've seen so far have been my favourite of any series in 2016.


Anyone who has watched it and would like to discuss theories put spoiler at the top of their message for those who haven't watched yet!

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I've watched all of the first series and it's a very classy production. They have laid the groundwork for at least two more seasons with the introduction of new suspects, although John Turturro is so central to everything that maybe they won't be gong in that direction at all. Says a lot for the show that it's got me intrigued enough to speculate like this.


Something that really jarred, however, was the total absence of any "blood-spatter" evidence - where's Dexter when you need him? They stripped Khan at the station and that was the last we saw of his apparently blood-free clothing, with no mention of it at the trial. Whoever stabbed the girl 22 times must surely have been covered in evidence so, unless he attacked her in a naked frenzy and then showered thoroughly before fleeing in panic, it wasn't Nas. Or was it?

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    • You couldn't really legislate for Hugill scoring a worldy. That said even though we were crap and sloppy, but we should've got a point out of it.
    • The last section is the exact reason Wigan won't win their appeal. The EFL simply refuse to acknowledge that their set of tests is not fit for purpose. They even then mention another case where that was evident (Bury).
    • The owners haven't massively overspent and run the club into the ground. From what I have seen Wigan is/are a fairly well run club in terms of finances (in a football sense anyway). But the owners have literally used the club for some very murky reason. They sold the club to a new owner (a fund) that the old owner was the majority shareholder in. Then immediately installed a new majority shareholder to the fund that now own Wigan. That shareholder bizarrely has no online footprint at all, other than everything related to him owning Wigan. This man then on the exact same day he has acquired the club has placed it in administration. It is that reason that Wigan are appealing the decision. All of the above of course was signed off by the EFL themselves. Which opens a whole new can of worms.
    • https://www.efl.com/news/2020/july/efl-update-wigan-athletic/   Here is the latest statement by the EFL on the Wigan situation. I agree with a lot of what they say up until they start trying to defend their fit and proper test.
    • Apologies when I said 1/4 of the creditors, I was meaning 25p out of the £. I should have made that clearer. In terms of our situation in 1986 I'm not too well versed with the details (as it was before my time). But I'm pretty sure we were going into Liquidation rather than administration.  I also imagine that the EFL regulations/rules have been updated since 1986.  
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