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6W6TV9 is the code for the League this season. 

All previous predictors from last season are automatically enrolled but we would welcome new people. 

It's good fun and gives you a chance to win Jeffs weekly jackpot. 

Looking forward to seeing you all 


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    • Too many people do. It's goal contributions and nothing else that people look at.
    • Is that why we want to get rid of Daniels and Lumley, lack of goals and assists? Because I don't think you should be basing an assessment of a player in a balanced CM role solely off their goal contributions...
    • If you think he's lacklustre then I honestly think your expectations are unrealistic. You need consider his overall game he spends so much time in our half chasing back and covering space. Your judging him purely on goals and assists... for one thing he's still got more assists than any of the mids on the list and would if everyone had the same amount of apps and hes top 10 for key passes as explained earlier. Our strikers were total planks too which doesn't help. Secondly if he was playing as he did last season and had a significantly higher goal contribution rate at 23 then he would be playing in a top 6 team in the prem. Also consider his injuries in previous seasons. You offer up our existing midfielders as some sort of comparison like they are on similar level I find that quite baffling in truth mcgree for example would offer nowhere near the ground coverage, pressing, ball winning, tackling and by the stats he won't be getting many more goal contributions so how is that replacing him? You could say that with every one of our midfielders because they are all inferior players.  If we had 3 taverniers we would have by a mile the best midfield in the league.
    • yeah I was looking at these last night! some great ones there tbf. I'm assuming they'll not help us in guessing the new boro kits though cos each one looks pretty bespoke.

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