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UFC 202

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TBH mate, i thought that, but i read his coach's book a while back and seen him in a whole different light, after he knocked aldo out he was teaching a striker class for kids the next week. like completely down to earth, he just puts it on to make as much money as he can while he is with the UFC, he is a proper perfectionist and cant stand not knowing something. he is loyal to his gym and his coach, its a good read if you ever get chance to read it!

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    • This post absolutely nails it and is by far the biggest problem with the club. The Media are absolutely terrified to criticize the club and point the finger, afraid of being excluded from the club like the Gazette were for a time.  I've been to a few Boro events which Maddo has attended and he is a really nice bloke but he simply should not on BBC Tees if he's working for the club. Its a conflict of interest, he's not going to criticize those at the club and in turn he has this false spin that he puts on the radio. I remember in September when he said this season is one of transition, well i'll tell you right now that the ST prices do not reflect transition and must be lowered but we know that is not the case. The problem is at the club as it seems no-one dares question Gibson, he wont allow it and I dont think thats a healthy working environment to have.  Everyone right now is absolutely slaughtering Woodgate, for me personally I won't because I dont think its right. Gibson is the one who shoulders the blame and he can own this casserole of ineptitude. I dont think one person of sound mind wanted Woodgate appointed at the end of last season, the club tried to string it out as if they were extensively looking at all options. This was a ruse and Jonathan was their choice all along.  Finally, its one thing appointing a rookie manager who no-one wanted, for the cheap option. But if your going to do that at least give him some proper funds to get some quality players to refresh the squad and give him a chance to succeed. So now when the inevitable does happen, Woodgate like Mogga will be the fall guy to have his reputation damaged. The fans will be convinced the next manager will be the next messiah, overlooking the upper management teams atrocious judgement and thus the cycle begins again.  This ones on you Gibbo.
    • if you want any semblence of fence sitting on this ,im afraid imnot your man. as many others have stated... he should NEVER HAVE BEEN EVEN CONSIDERED for the job but against any other eoples reasoning ,Gibson in his latest fit of egotism and self importance did what HE wanted and hey ho ,all us lesser mortals have our misgivings show themselves right in front of our eyes. Wodgate is actually proving to be WORSE THAN I FEAREDhe would be, infact id go as far as to say hes possibly the worse ever manager to have managed in the whole  history of english league football . hes beyond incompetent. YES YES YES HE NEEDS TO GO. .......AND HIS COACHING BUDDIES TOO. HELL ,EVEN GIBSON IF IM OFF THAT FENCE.  IVE UNFORTUNATELY HAD THE BAD LUC TO BE SADDLED WITH HAVING TO COMMIT MY FOOTBALL SUPPORTING LOVE WITH MFC FOR 50 PLUS YEARS AND SPENT VAST AMOUNTS DURING THOSE YEARS WITH A HANDFUL OF GREAT MEMORIESPLUS A BUCKET LOAD OF SAD MEMORIES TO TAKE WITH MEBUT THE SHEER HELPLESSNESS IFEEL RIGHT NOW IS MAKING ME REALLY DOUBT IF I CAN STICK BY MY HOMETOWN CLUB.  IF gibson doesnt satisfy the masses before its too late woodgate will take us into obscurity and drag gibbo into the abyss with him and the mere fact that neil fecking warnock is being heralded by some fans to rescue us tells us how low the hope has fallen.  crisps...........i lost my keeness for them when tudor was bypassed and im oldscool packet colour wise blue is vinegar browmis beef green/cheese n onoin   red ready salted  my faves were and always will be beef or cheese n onion,  but no crinkle style or weird shaped things   crisps should be thin  .  pringles are the only other option.
    • People don't care, they don't want to get that, it's the most successful we've been in over 10 years of football, people don't forget that and will happily forget the reasons he left the worse we get.
    • I’m looking for a meet-up with as many forum members as possible for the Leeds game on Wednesday. Our good friend @SmogDane and I are flying over for the game and have arranged to meet in the six medals at 17.30. Are there any takers? We would love to see as many of you as possible (yes even CT). Uwe? Fancy a whiskey at the bar? BU? Fancy a pint? Jimmy? You posted again recently? RR? You have not been on lately but fancy a drink?  Wilson? Like to say hello? Brunners? You about? DZ? Will your Dad let you out? Come on guys let’s get together in friendship 
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