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TBH mate, i thought that, but i read his coach's book a while back and seen him in a whole different light, after he knocked aldo out he was teaching a striker class for kids the next week. like completely down to earth, he just puts it on to make as much money as he can while he is with the UFC, he is a proper perfectionist and cant stand not knowing something. he is loyal to his gym and his coach, its a good read if you ever get chance to read it!

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    • Good points, agree with what you posted
    • Randolph Nsue Ayala Gibson Friend De Roon Forshaw Traore Fischer Negredo Stuani/Bamford
    • To be awkward, because, well, I am awkward, I decided not to include the Premier League season.  Being honest about it, Negredo is easily the best forward from this decade in terms of quality.  Even players like Chambers, Fischer, Espinosa, would probably walk into many of the teams we fielded over the decade.  Given that many of those players did bugger all really, I don't want to pick them so it's Championship players only.                Randolph Fabio  Ayala Gibson Friend          Clayton Leadbitter                  Robson Adomah                Ramirez                 Bamford   It was tougher than I thought really.  GK was easy enough for me as it was really between Randolph and Given and Randolph has been pretty much our best, most consistent player since he signed for us.  Right back was a toughy.  I don't think any of them were especially good for any length of time.  I almost snuck Rhys Williams in there to get him into the side but he wasn't that good as a right back so I didn't.  Hoyte, McMahon, Varga, Fredericks, Kalas, Nsue, Christie, Fabio, Shotton, Howson.  In the end I cheated slightly and selected Fabio as I think he was probably the better player out of that lot.  Nsue probably should have been chosen though as he played more games.  Central defenders speak for themselves.  Maybe could have looked at Williams here because when he was fit, healthy and on top of his game, he was a good player or Wheater before he left but they are not in the same class as that partnership was for us.  Friend is obvious at left back, great value signing and played for a lot of the decade. In midfield, I was a big fan of Robson and would have liked to see him playing in better sides.  I think he'd have done ok for Karanka for example.  But you also have to respect the job that Leadbitter and Clayton did as well so I ended up selecting all three.  I didn't think that the likes of Arca, Butterfield, Whitehead, Bailey, McEachran or the more recent lot had done enough to get into the side. The attacking players were a bit tricky as well.  Adomah I would say is the easiest choice as he did well for us over 3 seasons.  Bamford is the best striker I've seen playing for us in the Championship so would have to select him ahead of Lita, McDonald, Emnes, Juke, Nugent, Assombalonga etc.  I didn't like selecting Ramirez as he only had a 6 month spell with us in the Championship and I think he's a *** but he did have a big impact in that time and he was a good player.  I suppose Tomlin, Traore, and one or two others might have cause to grumble about not being selected but I feel Ramirez had a bigger impact than them. I reckon that team gets promoted fairly comfortably.
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