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Humble Bundle

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Not sure if you guys are aware of this site but it's a really good one for buying games in bulk.


Basically they offer a package of games for a price say 6 dollars, then extra games for 3 dollars more, then premium games for a few dollars more.


Each person that buys raises the bars so the earlier you jump on a bundle the lower your price is.


You also get to specify how much of your payment goes to charity and pick the charity (sometimes they only have one charity though).


They also have book and comic book bundles too as well as a regular discount price store.




Even if you don't like the current bundle sign up for their email for new bundles. Usually if they have one per month 4 will be good bundles. Here in Canada I buy them and then in winter when it's cold outside I can then look to the stockpile and play a game. :)



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i used to love the humble bundle but not seen a decent one since the THQ one almost 2 years ago

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