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January 2017 Transfer Window

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Imagine jese and Traore tearing down either side, leaving full backs in their wake, only to the put the ball in the box and Negredo arrive 30 seconds later!


Exactly this it's great having attacking quick wingers if your striker is A either as quick as them or is willing to gamble 99% of the time and the runners from midfield are able to get there as well.

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I've only seen Jesé play a handful of times, I think he is an exciting prospect for us if he finds form... is he a pacey winger? Or just quicker than Stuani or Downing say




Careful, that's defamation!!! He could sue :D


Or he might slap me like he did Mascherano.

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And like I said earlier, why downplay his set piece ability? In a side that struggled to create chances that could well be our best chance of scoring in quite a few games and it's an area we're particularly weak in despite having quite a lot of good headers of the ball.


Exactly. If I had to watch Forshaw put another corner straight onto Andy Carroll's head on Saturday I'd have screamed myself ho***.


Funnily enough this is one of my biggest frustrations too. Against Liverpool I lost count at around 6 set pieces that Traore won in and around the box (including corners) and yet not one of those set pieces caused Liverpool any problems. A proper set piece specialist would be most beneficial. I once thought Downing could have been that for us but his delivery isn't what it was these days. Was it one of the recent games (West Ham) when I watched him take a set piece and loft it over everyone's head and straight out of play?

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Remember when Schteve would go 4 up top?! Well that's got nothing on AK's replacement Juninho, who is going for the Brazilian inspired 4-2-2-2 formation:


------------------------- Valdes ---------------------------

------------- Chambo ------ Gibbo --------------------

-- Traore -- Snodgrass -- Bojan ----- Jese -------

--------- Bamford ----------------Ramirez -----------

--------------- Negredo -- Gestede ------------------


I do apologise. Really need some real news.

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Probably just wishful thinking, but is there any chance this Ramirez thing is just a loan move until he gets his life sorted out?


A bit like Hughes saying they haven't received any 'bids' for Bojan, then it came out that we might only be looking at a loan deal for him.

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Snodgrass is a right footed left winger


No he's not.


Wrong way around. Knew what I meant!! Either way, he isn't a direct replacement for ramirez


No he's not but he can definitely play either side and sure he's played central before too.

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Don't know whether it's already been posted but Robert Snodgrass is allegedly being shown around Rockliffe today.


Not seen anyone mention it yet. That sounds promising. Did that info come from a reliable source?


Gaston told someone this morning apparently, wait a minute, hes not reliable.

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