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Boro v Southampton (A) 0-1

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Teams –  Southampton v Middlesbrough 

Location – Mary's Stadium

Competition – The Premier League

Date – Sunday 11th December 2016

Kick off – 14:15





Boro travel to Mary's Stadium for the first time since they were there last. But that was in the past, and this is in the present, but not the Christmas present, it's too early for that. The kick off will be held at the classic football kick off time of a quarter past two on a Sunday. Throughout the Match Day Thread I will scatter in some fun facts that you might or might not know. You can tell them to your friends so they will think you are clever.


Fun Fact: Southampton is in the south.



The Last Games




Middlesbrough 1 - 0 Hull


The team called Middlesbrough scored more goal than the team called Hull. This meant that they 'won'. This result made people who support Middlesbrough happy, and the people who support Hull sad. If the team called Hull had won though, their fans would have been happy. 


Fun Fact: Hull's name is the shortest name in the Premier League. 





Crystal Palace 3 - 0 Southampton


A team called Crystal, which is a name that sounds like a prostitute, scored a lot, which is like what a prostitute does. But they also kept a clean sheet, which is not like what a prostitute does.


Fun Fact: Southampton has the word ham in the middle of it.



Availability News 


Boro: George Friend is injured.


Fun Fact: football players cannot play when they are injured





Fun Fact: I do not know about Southampton's injuries


Fun FactPart 2: and I can't be bothered to look.



Form (League only - most recent last)




Southampton: LLDWWL


Fun Fact: the 'W' stands for 'Win'



The Un(ger)-Official Match Preview


Middlesbrough are expected to field eleven players for this game. This is a clever thing to do from Aitor Karanka because it will be good against Southampton's eleven players. One of Middlesbrough's players will probably be a goalkeeper. This is also a clever thing to do because it stops the other team from scoring, but not always, otherwise no one would ever score.


If Middlesbrough win, they will get more points than Southampton, as you do not get many points for not winning, otherwise everyone would just want to not win.


Fun Fact: Aitor Karanka is Spanish. that means he comes from Spain

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The MFC website have the kickoff time at 15:00? I was hoping that was right as I'm not home before 15:15.


Not sure why the club have it down at that time, it's definitely 14:15 GMT

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We are playing this lot at a good time, in theory. They're a bit all over the place at the minute. However, that could really work against us if they want to banish last week's dismal defeat with a big performance.

They play at home in Europe, which is unfortunate as it would be good if they had a long trip to get over. However, as it's a game they need to at least draw, I expect a good few of their first teamers will play both games.

As away games go, this is one we should be looking to get the three points from. If we can, I feel like it really brings our season back on track, and undoes a lot of the damage caused by the Palace/Watford defeats. I think it might be a bit beyond us though - out of form or not, man for man they are a better side than we are, would take a 1-1.

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It's good for us that they play their immediate rivals in Europe meaning they can't afford to lose, so they will have to use their best players. I hope they are in for a tough match thursday evening so they tire a bit quicker on Sunday. It's a small hope though, but none the less our players should be fresher.

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It's good for us that they play their immediate rivals in Europe meaning they can't afford to lose, so they will have to use their best players. I hope they are in for a tough match thursday evening so they tire a bit quicker on Sunday. It's a small hope though, but none the less our players should be fresher.


Well hull looked pretty knackered on Monday night with their midweek game, so hopefully it will have the same effect on s'ton

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Loads of us are going to the game on Sunday so should be a fun time for all!


At this time I guess I would be ok with a draw but we could take all 3 points if chances are taken.


Hope to see Adama playing from the off

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Hoping they have a nice tough game on Thursday and as others have said they need a point so will have to play at least some first teamers. I am surprised to see them dipping of late as rate them a decent top half team so a point has to be seen as a positive but going to the game so praying for a win. A nice 2-1 will do with Gaston shutting them up and Negredo also putting his boots on the right feet again to get the other .



Barragan, Chambers, Gibbo, Fabio

Clayton,De Roon, Forshaw

Traore, Ramirez



Fun Fact : I have only been to 2 games this season , both draws , so that means I haven't yet seen us win or lose

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    • I always prefer to see an older keeper between the sticks. Besides having had more time to develop their technique and learn to read play, they tend to be more confident and able to command their boxes, work with the defence etc. I really would like to see Stojanovic given another chance. Failing that, bring in an experienced keeper in January...even if its just a loan deal.  
    • The lad only just turned 19 a few days ago. If he can get a good loan in january and also spend the whole of 22/23 at a decent club in League 1 or the Championship then it could really help his development.
    • Yep pretty sure you're right on that. I don't feel entirely comfortable either but I'm still a Dejan believer so I'm a little biased lol.
    • Great one DZ. I reckon we will go unchanged. Maybe Fry in for either Bamba or Jones  - if Wilder wants Dijk at RWB to be a bit more solid, but I reckon he'll go with Jones' pace. I also reckon it's too early for Payero to start, so he will be benched. Would be good to see him come off it with a strong cameo. Dejan will leave probably on a free and Coburn will go out on loan if there are any suiters. A half season in League 1 or 2 will do him good. I doubt we'll go undefeated. Stoke, Muff and Forest are a tougher run than we've had under Wilder so far. But a win at Stoke will surely breed a lot of confidence and really put us into the mix. However I think it'll be a 1-1 game. 
    • This season is probably as good as its going to get for Coburn. I'd imagine next season he'll face much stiffer competition for a place and he'll see much less game time. He's still young so it's no bad thing for him. Depending on who we bring in, he might even go out on loan. Might see Kavanagh get the odd cameo towards the end of the season if we're not threatening the play offs.

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