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Boro v Southampton (A) 0-1

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I think the results against man city and ***nal give us false hope that we were better than we actually are. We seem to lack the fight and aggression you see in other managers, burnley for instance ( wash my mouth out) say what you like about dyche but he knows now to get the best out of a team. Fortunatly for us there are worse teams. We havent over night become poor, as i said we've been blinded somewhat by recent results.I still believe as ive said lots of times AK is not the guy for this team to go forward and amazes me how many turn from his supporters to his haters after a defeat..at least i have been consistant in my views.




A well thought out and reasoned response Gephind, as always.

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    • Not terribly surprising, it's the 2nd half we fall apart!
    • Don’t know why it loaded twice. Thoughts?
    • Part of the issue for me with Daniels on Saturday was that when we were under pressure and a few huffing and puffing he should have held onto the ball a little longer, roll it three yards and then fake a clearance only to abruptly stop and feign a shouting match with his team mates for not being in position then start the process all over again before hoofing it. The ball seemed like a hot potato at times with him and he seemingly didn't read the game and realise he had an opportunity to allow his team mates an extra lung full or two of air and to break the opponents momentum. These are very basic Goalkeeping techniques and don't even require being a great shot stopper.
    • I do have a sort of silent fear that Coburn might not make it under this manager, he has a lot of work to do. I get the feeling when Wilder came in, he started to raise tiny little doubts about him and now he's not even on the bench. The first game, he came on as a sub and looked quite out of place. He's got a lot of work to do if he wants to adapt his game to this style of play. Kavanagh, from what I've seen of him, seems more naturally capable of doing what Wilder has so far asked for from his forwards so might have a better chance of making it whilst he's the manager. Still feels like he's a long way away from the first team, though.

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