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Boro v Southampton (A) 0-1

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Few people on twitter /Facebook saying Rhodes travelled but no Gaston or Negrado. If that's the case downing in for gaston. And Rhodes up top for me.


I'd rather play Nugent than Rhodes in a 4-2-3-1. Rhodes really needs someone next to him. And with us being away from home I don't expect to have much of the ball he's not strong enough to hold play up and not quick enough to catch them on the break.

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If Ramirez is out would you rather give Fishcer another chance or bring Stewey in?


I'm a Stewy fan, but sometimes he can play a bit too safe. Which is great if we're defending a one nil lead but not so good if we are chasing. I like the fact Fischer will shoot more but could end up quite wasteful. It wasn't a issue against Hull as they were useless going forward. This is a bit different so I'd probably say Stewy

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    • I would have banned him for it. Poor use of mod powers 😉
    • And in the world of reality we will soon be top 6. #UTFB
    • Historically Boro have not done well at Stoke: Overall: Played 100 Won 42 Drawn 22 Lost 36 Home: Played 50 Won 31 Drawn 11 Lost 8 Away: Played 50 Won 11 Drawn 11 Lost 28 This season Stoke's home record reads P10 W6 D2 L2, so Boro's prospects don't look great. Think we will do well to get a point. Won't be too upset if we lose - though as usual the performance will factor into this.  
    • Well that's part of trying to play the counter attack, isn't it? For every lung full you give yourselves, you also give it to your opponents and get them prepared to defend. It wasn't like he was rushing his goal kicks either but when the ball was in his hands, it was usually after a period of Swansea pressure and he had his head up wanting to get us back up the pitch quickly which is exactly what you should be doing if you're playing on the counter-attack. We still wanted the second goal so as a group, we tried to counter them, we kept pressing them until the end, we didn't sit back and try and re-form our unit as a team when the opportunity might be there for a chance. So I guess you could say in my eyes, it wasn't about the keeper's decision, it was a tactical decision for the team. We wanted to kill the game off, even without possession we wanted to match or better Swansea's tempo. So I'm not sure why that comes back onto just the keeper.
    • I still don’t get why there is a deep analysis of Daniel and our goalkeepers when there is clearly greater problems in the quality of outfield players. I can’t remember a time a keeper has been slagged so much for not conceding a goal.  Given Swansea had pressed so high in the second half, our midfield where loosing the battle with a tiring back line, the fact there was plenty of green behind Swansea defence, and we have a history of conceding some stupid goals his decision making was right. If from recent games you take away the amount of self inflicted goals how many have we conceded, not many. Anyway I am a great believer in the term, if in doubt, kick it out. It’s not pretty but you get to reassess the situation. 

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