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One of the things I like about Fischer is he looks to shoot and he also appears quite accurate at it.


Something to go to sleep on...

Our players will wake up thinking the worst that can happen is Swansea go level on points if they lose...But Swanseas players will be facing a 6 point gap if they lose.


The onus should be on us to win as the home side but the pressure is certainly on them

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-----------Clayton -------De Roon----


---------------Negredo -----------


Obviously if Gaston is fit he'd slot into the centre of the three and Forshaw would drop into De Roons place.


Absolutely massive game for us this one I'd say it's amuse win because we need to beat the teams around us and really put pressure on them. Think we will do it. Going for a 2-0 win

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I'd like to see Downing back in the team tomorrow. I thought he had a very good start to the season. We need some Premier League experience and grit in that midfield tomorrow. Same reason I'd probably bring Leadbitter back into the fold. We have two very big games now, we need all our leaders on the pitch.

I quite like Downing but "grit" is not really a word I would associate with him...some of his crossfield passes on occasion are a word that rhymes with grit...experience and ball rententionitude might be more accurate.

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From Karanka's press conference via the Gazette:


"Stuani is not available, Gaston we need to check as he’s been training but not 100%, Calum is OK."


"Yes we have to try and be organised because they’re a dangerous team, they score a lot of goals but we have to take advantage with the ball as they concede goals too.

If we win 5-4 it’s no problem, 1-0 is no problem, it’s about the points against a team in our position."


I think March 2015 was the last time we scored 4 in a game, so I think you're being rather optimistic to think we might score 4 today and I can't remember the last time we scored 5.

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Where's KM this morning? Late night watching the soaps?


I've been sat waiting for my turn in the hairdressers since 8.30...


Anyway, got a good feeling about today.




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Boro 0 - 1 Swansea




 Give your reasons on the back of a £5 note and send it to me :)


It's hard to write on the new ones. Better to play it safe and make it a tenner ;)


Even with a Stabilo?


 A tenner it is then:


Erimus 63

Cubicle 3

Behind The Pipes

Kings X

London WC1

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Fischer over Downing all day long. Downing WAS good, but now he is too slow and plays it too safe, to ever be a threat or a treat.


WTF does Fischer have to do, to convince the last few of you, who doesn't see the fight, determination and approach he brings? He has that MADNESS we have been missing the last 3 years under Aitor Caramba ...


Try and look at his half against Liverpool, how often he keeps the ball in hard situations, with 2 or 3 oponents on his back, and still manages to pass it to a mate.


He also has a good corner kick - And yes it can be better, but at least it gave us two goals this season.


He improves game for game, and when he scores the first goal, he will believe even more and more goals will follow.


Couldn't agree more, one thing we need more of is players facing opposition's defences(not the back of there heads) Fischer gives us that positivity going forward, not always easy when the rest of the team play with the handbrake on, he gives us the width down the left, he cuts inside switches balls to opposite wing(brought barragan in plenty of times), and the ones mentioning his skills, since when have we been a skillful team, always been hardworking and honest(most of the time), Downing was a sentimental buy, Fischer All day!!! UTB!!!!

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    • Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I'm sure Woods is kicking himself for making the decision to go out on loan.  With the injuries we have atm he would have slotted straight into the team and this would have been the chance he needed to be a permananent name on the teamsheet. Hopefully he will come back from Scotland with the experience because Pelts and Sol wont be around forever and we will certainly be looking at what we have before buying more defenders.
    • Cardiff v Middlesbrough A Birmingham v Swansea A Blackburn v Reading H Blackpool v Preston H Bournemouth v Huddersfield D Coventry v Derby H Luton v Hull H Millwall v Stoke H Peterborough v QPR H West Brom v Bristol City D Barnsley v Sheff Utd A Nottingham Forest v Fulham D
    • Not overly so, says he has a decent relationship but wants to play more and if it means a loan, then he is up for it. sometimes we tend to be a little hard on young players if they have a poor game but if he cracks on, whoever is here when he gets back may want to include him in squad...  still has a way to go and experience will do him good. If he can't deal with Scottish forwards, then he may not be as far along as we hope, but next year or two should see if he is going to make it and I think he will not be found wanting.
    • Watmore will hopefully run rings around their tired legs second half. Would expect Jones and Watmore on for Uche and Sporar for an attacking refresh then Siliki on and Crooks at CB when they shove the big subs on. 
    • Why is that mate? Can't say I know anything about Cardiff these days. 

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