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Boro Vs Watford (Away) 0-0

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Emotional days don't often help the home team...


Hard to get excited with our attacking options as is, with Ramirez ruled out.


I think it will be a close 1-1.


We'll nick a goal in the second half, only to sit back and concede the equaliser late on.



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Guest Changing Times

It goes without saying we could really do with a win in this one. Results haven't been going our way recently and this month should have presented us with a decent opportunity to add some points. Ramirez being out is a blow we need to get on with things. I wouldn't even guess at what the team will be because you just don't know with Karanka. Fischer is back so I'm thinking maybe he gets back in on the left and then Stuani or Traore on the right. I don't imagine Gestede will start but we might see him off the bench if things aren't going so well. I did wonder if Leadbitter might play. I can't see this being full of goals so cue a 4-4 draw. There's really no reason we can't get something though, they are not a good side and in fact a win takes us above them on goal difference. If we keep a clean sheet I reckon we might just nick it.

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I can only see a 1-0 win... or a 1-1 draw... or a 1-0 defeat. Definitely one of them.


You're crazy. 0-0 is always on the cards when we play :s

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I must admit without Gaston playing our options are very much diminished, going to be interesting to see who will be on the bench for this game.


Not expecting much from the game, just hope it is a better game than our home game with them

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SkySports twitter news saying Tom Cleverley could play this game for the Hornets.


Excellent, that'll weaken their midfield nicely.


Would have been a good addition to our squad, we're short of midfielders that are proficient in the art of passing square and backward ;)

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    • Last season Bola played 41 games out of 46, which is pretty good. Fry started 32 out of the first 38, but then missed the last 8 games - presumably one injury. The season before, Fry started 36 games with two short spells out ( Bola wasn’t bring picked a lot that season from memory.) So for those two, this season may be just unlucky, poor fitness management, as Wilder has suggested, or bringing them back too quickly after injury. There doesn’t seem to be a long term repeated history of injuries. Dijk does seem to miss more games though.
    • Thanks for putting some more context out there - stop the idiots claiming it’s just snowflakes being upset with the songs etc. It’s absolutely vile that female fans are being groped, hopefully more people will come forward and the club can deal with people appropriately. The leagues need to work together to take a tough stance on drugs use. As we saw at the Euros it’s ruining matches as well as our opportunity as a country to host big games and tournaments. 
    • It doesn’t look good but I suspect we will end up around mid table. We may struggle over the coming games but I expect improvement will be great enough to see us home. I would go as far to say we may even finish around 10th.  I am impressed with Chris in the press conferences, he comes across well, his knowledge of the club’s infrastructure and his plans give me confidence of his leadership.  I believe we are in good hands. 
    • Typically called Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.. 
    • Looking at our back 4/5 we have Djik, Bola and Fry who don’t play enough games because of injuries. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you are on the the sick list. I suspect there will be a few checks going on behind the scenes to find out if players have undiagnosed injuries, if training is causing injuries, if the medical team aren’t up to scratch or if there’s a behavioural issue.    Depending on the results of those investigations I think we may see some of the players moved on 

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