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Boro vs Accrington Stanley (FA Cup 4th round) 1-0

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Hopefully Fischer can get a bit of confidence from playing today and hopefully having a big impact. There's definitely talent there but there's something that's stopping him from capitalising on it so far.

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A good opportunity to give game time to some of our players, let us just hope that Accrington do not spoil the party, or just try to clog us off the pitch.


I think that's why Traore isn't playing, the only way they could have dealt with him is fouling and potentially injuring him.

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If Bamford scores today I'm never talking to my sister again. Who schedules wedding *** when the mighty Boro are playing?!


:D   :D   :D


A strange one you are. What kind of girl would rather watch footy than go to a wedding?



Or is that being totally sexist?  :huh:  :blush:



Anyway, I think you can afford to miss this one. Even with our current problems, if Boro don't win this at a canter, I will post embarrassing photos of myself on the forum.


For god's sake Boro don't let me down!


Yeah I'm just quoting this for evidence


Well if you really want to see me making an utter hash of cooking homemade lasagne I'm happy to oblige! :P

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Good to see (if a little surprising) that Karanka is taking this tie seriously.


Could have justifiably rested a bunch of players with an eye on PL survival.


Hoping we won't have to break too much of a sweat today...though history isn't on our side when it comes to facing minnows in cup games.

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