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Boro v Oxford United (FA Cup) 3-2

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Teams –  Middlesbrough v Oxford United

Location – The Riverside Stadium is where the game's at; it'll surely be chilly, so do bring a hat...

Competition – The Emirates FA Cup

Date – Saturday 18th February 2017

Kick off – 15:00





There once was a team from the South, 

Whose mascot died of foot and mouth,

They have a good Uni, 

But their team is puny,

Against them we're sure to end our goal drowth.


Now our opponent's nickname is the U's,

And we must try to give them the blues,

We'll fight and we'll battle,

Despite our lack of cattle,

And pray that we don't somehow lose.



The Last Games



Middlesbrough 0 - 0 Everton


The mighty Boro couldn't finish for toffee,

And the blues must have had decaf coffee,

For neither could score,

It ended a draw,

And both teams will regret being so sloppy.



Oxford 0 - 2 Southend


Oxford played a team called Southend, 

Who used to have a player called Friend,

Now he's a red,

With his beautiful head,

As good in attack as he is in defend...


Im sorry I began to digress,

But Oxford they did not impress,

They conceded two headers,

Here come the bed wetters: 

"Against Boro, We'll never progress..."



Availability News 



George Friend is having a bit of trouble,

Accrington Stanley went and burst his bubble,

He picked up a knock,

And went off to the doc,

Who said, well on the bright side, you do have nice stubble...


Against Leicester Barragan damaged his hamstring,

While he was out on the right wing dancing,

He thought it was cha cha,

But Mahrez said haha,

And the devious little foxtrot right past him...



Wes Thomas has ruptured his tendon,

Unless he just didn't want to play and's pretending

He's been at every club,

Apart from his local pub,

Who he hates as they stopped him bartending.



Form (All games - most recent last)




Oxford: WWWWWL



The Un(ger)-Official Match Preview


We look like we're going on a cup run,

Not that I'd want to be a jump-gun,

But avoid a giant killing,

And football God's willing,

We could soon be at Wembley station.


I predict that there'll be no late drama,

As we join the main man Chris Kamara, 

He says unbelievable, 

But a win is perceivable,

Then maybe one day we'll have our own comma...



Talking points


- Who would do better, Oxford United on university challenge, or Oxford University at football?

- Who would you have on your MFC University challenge team?

- Can they really beat us, or is that just a load of bull?

- Oxford shoes or derby's?

- Who gives a f*** about an Oxford comma?

- Will Tom delete my thread for a second time?

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"There has been a small issue with the Oxford MD Thread, please use this for discussions while it is rectified."


So it turns out that the small issue was Tom deleting the *** thread! :D

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"oneBoro would like to thank Tom for his contributions in helping run the forum but have ultimately decided it's in everyone's best interests that he steps down from the role of Moderator."


Yeah, seconded wilsoncgp.


Thanks for the effort Tom, but ultimately time to go.


Hopefully he won't stick around too long like Wenger?

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There once was a moderator called Tom

Who normally acted with aplomb

But BU's threads made him jealous

And act over-zealous

And he removed them from Oneboro.com


Great thread BU


I hope we play the below:














With Fischer coming on early doors or starting if someone has a knock. Need to play the first team players needing minutes and protect the key players. Cant go risking the likes of Valdes, Gibson, Fabio, Chambers, Negredo as they are fairly integral to how we play. Wouldnt normally play Ramirez but he needs minutes and we need him as sharp as possible for Palace.

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Everyone fit except Barragan.


I think we'll go:








Friend/Ramirez/Bamford/Ayala all need minutes, Downing, Dimi, Leadbitter and Gestede should all come in too to let others rest.

The only question marks are over the others. Forshaw I think will get dropped for Guedioura next week, so this might be the last 90 he plays for a while. Another 90 minutes under Bernardo's belt is no bad thing either, and means both Chambers and Gibbo get a rest.

Won't be surprised to see Fischer start either.

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I'm hoping boro are taking the game seriously as the lack of enthusiasm on the forum seems like most Boro fans think this game is a cert.

Living in Oxford I know that the guys down here are taking it seriously and the Oxford fans think we are there for the taking. Especially as they are bringing about 3500 !

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