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Live streams Boro v Oxford

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Will that bottom one work on iPhones Uwe?


I would've thought so it's the same software etc (I uploaded the link on my iPhone)

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    • I'd rather we signed a permanent keeper tbh but yeah, he's better than anyone we currently have.
    • This day 1974 wembley beckons for the mighty Boro, but...........................  With Wembley on the horizon, home night match under the floodlights, history in the making, one step & it's the sight of the twin towers in the distance League cup 5th round, Man Utd are the visitors to Ayresome Park, a team we have crossed swords with a few times in the 70's Man Utd were always a division higher than us, this time the roles are reversed, Man Utd are the leaders of the 2nd division, with the mighty Boro flying high in the top tier Boro must start favourites in this tie, especially after defeating Liverpool at Anfield in the previous round 1-0 with a goal from the late, great Willie Maddren A massive attendance of 36,005 seen a good cup tie with Alex Stepney playing a blinder in the United goal to be the score at 0-0 & a replay at OT Big Jacks team Jim Platt Peter Creamer - 1st league Cup start game for the Boro Frank Spraggon Graeme Souness Stuey Boam Willie Maddren Harry Charlton - Harry's penultimate Boro game John Hickton Alan Willey - 1st league cup start for the Boro Alan Foggon David Armstrong Sub Malcolm Smith - Last cup game for the Boro      
    • Indeed there was nothing in that performance today that was anything like we want to play on the regular and I believe Wilder acknowledged that after the game too. On that front, I'm not worried yet. But I just don't see why it's so poorly reflected onto Daniels in that respect, not today at least. Those stats might not read well to you but I guess the way I'd put it is, in each individual circumstance, I don't remember many times that I disagreed with his choice of pass? So maybe those stats aren't what we want to see every game but today? Meh. Our opponent today was the first one I've seen under Wilder that played to win and tried to put significant pressure on us across the pitch and they piled on even more in the second half. They had the midfield completely locked down. After the last couple of games where the likes of Howson and Crooks have stood out, today they were almost nonexistent from a possession standpoint. It's because of that that I actually think we intentionally tried to play more direct today to try and counter the risks they were taking and the control they had in midfield. And to be fair, it worked. One ball from defence to attack leads to the goal. Pressing must have felt like a nightmare today too as they really play to kill your press before passing it into a better position but we still got a few opportunities from that too. I think today was a sign of us having to adapt to win games different ways based on the situation in front of us. I don't think it's a sign of things to come because we won't play a better side at keeping the ball than Swansea all season. I can accept the way we played today, not just because we got the result but because we've already seen this isn't the way we'll want to play every game, I believe.
    • He made 29 passes today, 26 were long balls. 11 of those found a Boro player.  It's not good enough for the style of play we've wanted to impose and he needs replaced in January, simple as that for me.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect us to have a lot of the ball today, Swansea have been working on this tactic for a lot longer than us. I did expect us to be a bit more composed at the back and control the game a little better than we did though, and a big part of that was the frequency with which the ball went back to the keeper only to be pumped back to the Swansea defenders to build another attack. It was essentially a Warnock performance without the man marking and with better pressing off the ball. 
    • Honestly not sure really what the big problem is with Daniels from some people. His distribution isn't that bad, or at least it hasn't been since he's been in the team, we've had much, much worse. We don't need our keeper to be pinging passes round like De Bruyne, or even Ederson. I think he had a tough job in that area today too. He's often wanting to find the short option but today, the game did not allow for it often and honestly I didn't fancy him to give it to anyone but Paddy in those areas, especially in the second half when Swansea were all over us, pushing their players so far up that Wilder at one point switched to 5-4-1, had Tav and Watmore pulling back as wide players to deal with it. So he needed to go long and he basically had nobody to aim for if Crooks didn't have his head up. Can he be improved upon? Of course he can. But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater, he's doing alright, he helped keep a clean sheet today.

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