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I'm so down at the moment about football. I don't mind watching crap football if it gets results as at the end of the day it's a results business, but when we play *** football for a whole season and get relegated anyway it's just a real kick in the ***. I've been a season ticket holder for the last 6 years but I really can't bring myself to fork out the money for next year at the moment. We're going to lose one of the best young defenders we've ever had and one of the best keepers we've ever had in one summer :( I can't even get excited about Burnley on Saturday and I bloody hate Burnley. My only hope at the moment for us is that we must have one win left in us this season, please for the love of god let it be against Sunderland. Let us have that little bit of enjoyment. I don't know what Steve Gibsons thoughts are right now but his actions over the course of this season have not been in the long term interest of this football club, like others for probably the first time in my life supporting Boro I think serious questions need to be asked of whether he is still the right man to lead us forward. Every single person involved with the footballing side of the club should be utterly ashamed and be asking questions of themselves. What a bloody mess.

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Gary Monk is out of contract in the summer. I would love us to go for him


Yep if we're going British again he would be my choice too. Proven yet again what a good up and coming manager he is. Didn't know he was out of contract in the summer, great news. I hope Steve Gibson is already on the phone to his agent.

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lots of problems to adress  but for starters we need to get back to basics and simplify certain areas.

SG.... RE FOCUS ON YOUR PLUS POINTS. successful and respected businessman, no doubting his love and passion for the club  and ambitions for it... but he needs to distance himself from friends within it and from transfer targets . absolutely yes he must have the final say in monetry matters but not get involved in other areas of incomings. For all he has got some decisions wrong its almost inconcievable that he is now being cited as part of the problems .given the standing he had a***st the vast majority of fans up to maybe 18 months ago. Those actually calling for his head are lost in thier obvious current state of embitterment.

I agree with Jimmy earlier that in all honesty Whoever came in as manager would have had a mountainous task rescuing us from the complete mess we had manufactured from ALL areas,  Recruitment,Man- Management, Coaching, Players attitudes and ability limits,  . We somehow have managed to end up with an employment  list at  matchday level (and definately guru level) that is almost 100 per cent at the tear it up , hoy it out and start again position , with only a handful of exceptions . SG is one of these. Unfortunately no matter how well liked he his within the club , Steve Agnew isnt. or Woodgate   for that matter 

 The most pressing needs at the current time is to give the fans hope and optimism that we are going to put right  the things that have gone so wrong recently , some will take time some can be done before a ball is kicked next season.

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Given the expected result of relegation what changes are needed next season? 







All of the above

Who goes. Who stays. What changes. How much Do we need to spend? Which positions need strengthening?


How do we come straight back up?



Dimitrios Konstantopoulos

Brad Guzan MLS 

[/url]Victor Valdes - leave / sold

Tomas Mejias


Fabio Da Silva sell

George Friend

Daniel Ayala

Bernardo Espinosa sell

Ben Gibson

Antonio Barragan dump in the  middle of nowhere

Dael Fry

Calum Chambers

James Husband


Grant Leadbitter

Adam Clayton

Marten de Roon leave / sell (wages?)

Stewart Downing

Adlene Guedioura

Adam Forshaw

Carlos De Pena

Attacking Midfielder

Viktor Fischer

Gaston Ramirez leave / sell

Adama Traore


Alvaro Negredo leave / sell

Christian Stuani

Patrick Bamford

Rudy Gestede


I'm pretty certain Negredo, Ramirez and Valdes will be off. They won't want to stay with a Championship club and can probably still get good offers elsewhere.


Defensively, Da Silva, Espinosa and Barargan haven't impressed me at all and need to go. Maybe Fry and Husband too.


In midfield, De Roon might want to go, or have to go due to his wages. Haven't seen much of Guedioura or De Pena and what I have seen wasn't good.


Changes? I'd like to see us return to 4-4-2...or at least a formation with 2 up front. I am sick to death of seeing lone strikers being easily isolated by opposition defences, ending up playing in midfield or on the wing. We can't play that way so we shouldn't try.


For god's sake don't just copy what everyone else is doing. Find a formation that WORKS (allows us to score goals AND defend effectively) and stick to it. Look at Leicester bucking the 4-2-3-1 trend and doing quite well with 4-4-2.


That would leave us with a team looking something like:


----------------------Dimi /Mejias--------------------------------









Subs: Chambers, Leadbitter, Forshaw, Guedioura, Bamford



What Do We Need?

Third-choice GK

First choice RB + cover for all defensive positions

First choice RM (not sure Fischer is the answer)


Think we're catered for pretty well in midfield backup and strikers. Would maybe add another striker if the right target came up, but not a priority.



What Should We Spend?

Backup keepers ought to be pretty cheap...no more than £2 million


First choice right back fairly important so about £4-5 million. Another £8-10 million for decent defensive cover, which is a constant issue for Boro. We look so much weaker when our 1st choice players are out.


About the same for another winger (£4-5m).


£10 million max for another striker...hopefully a bit less than that. Again, I stress I DON'T consider this a priority...more of a "nice to have".


Total bill somewhere in the region of £15-25 million for 7-8 new first team and squad players. Hopefully we would claw some of that back with the outgoing players.



Coaching Staff

We also desperately need a complete overhaul of the coaching staff. We need people who will coach the players to play as a team, both defensively and attacking. We need coaches who will instil a genuine team spirit and confidence in the players.

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Gary Monk is out of contract in the summer. I would love us to go for him


I agree, Garry Monk knows the league and would be a great choice for us. Do you if Leeds tried to renew his contract?


Not sure.

He was giving a interview on Talksport a week or so ago. It was mentioned the and he just replied he would deal with it (his contract) in the summer

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AR, you mention de Roon and wages but there's recently been an article​ about him mentioning that his wages are relatively low for the PL, yet more than he's ever had. Can't see him being on THAT much.

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if de roon,s wages arent ridiculous id keep him if we can.  hes more than capable especially at the lower level. has popped up with a few goals and seems to have a very good fitness level.  add to that we,d possibly have to take a big hit on recouping his fee if we sold him, theres far more less impressive performers in our main squad imo. 

id keep ...fwiw .... and if situations allow

Fabio, Friend, Ayala. Fry.

Clayton, De Roon. Ledbitter, Forshaw,

Gestede, Bamford, 


Possibly , Valdes if wages or ambitions arent too high 

slightly less possibly.. Stuani ...if only to finally see if there is a Striker in there and at a level hed perhaps be more suited to 


then promote a few like McGhee , Chapman and Cooke


Attackin midfielders needs a complete re vamp personnel wise

Ripley yes bring back  but not as No 1 keeper.

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We should be in a better position than any of the teams coming down

We haven't been in. The premier league long enough for the wages to go sky high. And those that got a raise due to promotion will come back down again.

So the parachute payments that should be used to cover Prem league wages can be used for other things

We should keep the main part of our squad in tact

An ex Prem side has more attraction than a side that's been in the championship for yrs

As long as we recruit well we should easily be fav to come back up

Back to the following Burnley thread

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