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If there was an away game we deserved to win it was at their place, we matched them and Ramirez missed the best chance of the game, they were worried about AT so if he plays further up the field I am sure he will create opportunities.


Should be an entertaining game for the neutrals


None of our games have been entertaining for anyone!! Let alone the neutrals :(

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Seriously? Why is traore not in the team? There is absolutely no reasoning behind it beyond downing being some sort of golden boy for agnew. Team selections have been baffling in all but one of his games in charge

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    • This is hardly encouraging considering we are going to need two “Striker wise, we’ve probably been looking for 12 months – and we’re still no nearer getting one.”
    • I think there's a clause in his contract that states he's to blame for every goal we concede...even if he isn't playing. Apart from the ones that are obviously Bettinelli's fault. 😉  
    • Good point - probably the year after then. God its like discussing how much longer Warnock is going to go on for, isn't it? 😁   Fair point. A big part of longevity and how long you maintain your physical fitness, mental faculties etc. is down to how active you are and how you exercise the grey matter. She should probably start doing a couple of laps of Sandringham every morning, Captain Tom style. Followed by a leisurely afternoon of sudoku, then an intense evening session of Call of Duty. 😉    
    • Yeah it’s not the same scenario as your Aunty Doris that lived in sheltered accommodation in Redcar with just a portable tv a fan heater and a pile of Gardner’s World magazines for company, that pines for her recently departed husband, complains about the food and doesn’t get on with the rest of the residents, especially that Maureen who drinks Campari on Friday afternoons and insists on being a member of every club and committee going. 
    • I wonder how many goals will be Djed Spence's fault today, and those that aren't, still are 🤔😭

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