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Boro v Liverpool (a) 0-3

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I said at the time of Tallentire coming out of his hole middle of the Liverpool game, I couldn't give a rat's *** where Valdes and Ramirez are.


At the end of the day, as much as I don't agree with it in principle, Victor Valdes did more than enough for us this season. If we had better players at the other end of the pitch, his performances could have been just as pivotal in a potential survival. He was more than good enough to win us points, we just didn't offer enough at the other end.


As for Ramirez, he's a non-entity as far as I'm concerned. As long as we stop paying his wages this summer, I'll be happy.

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Maybe dimis contract is automatically extended if he appears in the Prem. That would my best guess as tho why he hasn't played. Playing Guzan these games has just been pointless.


Not if you read Tallentire's article....



The whole thing is a joke, they make out that if we had Dimi in goal then it could have been a cricket score. Guzan isn't exactly Neuer now is he?


As well as the false claim that Agnew was playing his strongest team when Gestede was in over Negredo and Grant/Forshaw over De Roon. It's just ***e journalism with the aim of being the new manager's buddy because the last one froze them out. I'm expecting an article from Tallentire today explaining that Agnew ***s rose petals and farts febreeze.

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