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EFL Live Games: Championship Play Off Final Fulham V Villa 26/5 ko 1700hrs Wembley

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Very entertaining 2-2 draw which allowed us to play catch up to a small degree.


Moving on and a double header which should be of some interest to all of us because if results go our way we can carry on playing catch up closing gaps point by point.


First up Burton V Leeds. Burton won their last away game and Leeds just keep moving on with a third win on the spin.

Should be a Leeds win but I will be fully behind Burton for this game though due to Boro playing at the same time I doubt if anyone will watch this particular game.


Secondly Brentford V Villa.


This could go the way of the home team and certainly I would want that because we could climb above Villa should we win and the fact we play them after Bolton.


So let's all hope for two home wins and a Boro victory, I certainly will watch this game if we have done our business for the day against Bolton.


DS award applicable for both games, correct final score and fgs from either side. 0-0 null and void.


Guys and gals please humour me with the Boxing Day matches I so want to give out the illustrious award which has only been given a couple of times this season so please do predict, comment anything to make this thread a bit more of a success.


Thanks one and all

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Moving on and again I have started it off as a double header and certainly two games where we will defo see Boro continue to play catch up (if we beat Villa).


Cardiff V PNE


Are Cardiff going to continue with their recent loss of form, certainly they face a team that could continue their woes. Best result for Boro an away win


Top of the table clash Bristol City V Wolves.


Wolves have not lost in a while and I think they will lose to City who are not punching above their weight from what I have seen of them so far. Best result for Boro would be a draw but at least points will be lost


DS award for both games correct final score and name of fgs either side. 0-0 null and void

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