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Boro v Wolverhampton Wanderers (a) 0-1

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New manager, new system, new squad. There was always going to be a good chance we would start slowly and take time to adapt. We defended quite well in general, passing and attacking play was fairly poor but we still carved open a few good opportunities which you'd hope we'd start converting in time. I'd feel more discouraged had I not seen this system be very effective against Augsburg - our passing was slower and sloppier than in that game which I think hurt our chances against Wolves. Just on Wolves I was fairly impressed. They've also had a summer of great change, and whilst they weren't quite an omnipotent threat, they were certainly a slick and organised outfit who played tidy football and on the balance of play deserved the win.


I think we really need at least 1 winger. As it stands we don't have the option to change formation and look to play out wide. With Watford playing wingbacks having wingers bursting down the flanks could have helped us to break them down as we'd have the opportunity for our fullbacks and wingers to then double up against them.


There's still a long way to go in the season and before the end of the window. I'd expect the squad and results to be further improved throughout the month and set us up for the rest of the season to come. Change doesn't happen overnight, it's a tough, slow, arduous process which isn't always successful. I feel like we've almost got it right and in a few months' time we'll have forgotten all about the lows of last season and laugh at our trepidation for this one stemming from a poor start.


We should have had an advantage in our midfield 3 against their 2, but we didn't and whether that's a failure of Howson and De Roon to influence the game or whether it just shows the quality they have in Neves and Saiss, I think it's a bit of both.



We never really had that advantage in midfield because Jota and Enobake dropped and pressed when we didn't have the ball. They essentially flooded central midfield.

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Now that Wolves have won their first three..... it kind of makes that Ayala sideways pass to gift the Wolves goal even more annoying.


They didn't really look too much like scoring otherwise.


Having said that, I guess they were missing their best three players. Shame we didn't capitalise.

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