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Boro Player Sponsorship 2017/18

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Boro Player Sponsorship Returns


The MFC Player Sponsorship returns this season and following on from this discussion we'd like to see how much interest there is in it this season. We've registered our interest with the club and secured a fan favourite first team player who will be a popular choice, however, the number of entries will be higher than we've had to reach before due to increased MFC pricing.


A £10 donation to the forum will enter you into a draw with the following prize:

- Signed framed shirt

- Meet your player

- 2x tickets at player of the year dinner

as in previous years, multiple donations per member are welcome and transactions will be handled via PayPal.


For the shirt sponsorship to go ahead, we need confirmation of at least 250 entries. If members who would be interested in this, could you please reply stating your interest and the number of entries you'd be willing to purchase - no need for payment just yet, we need to get ideas of numbers.


To secure the shirt sponsorship of the player, we'll need to have confirmation of numbers by the end of the week.



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