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Enjoying the new version of FIFA, I like the new squad challenges on ultimate team, give you a chance to win packs without having to spend extra cash on the game.


Might set up a pro clubs for people on the forum in the next few days

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I've only just got Fifa 18, due to moving flats and stuff, didn't have time. Doesn't feel that different to 17, and Traore is far too slow.

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    • Middlesbrough V Leeds aka "the s hit finally hits the fan day"?   For a variety of reasons there could be something to look forward too. A rare Boro win especially at home? A departure along the way? Going to be an atmosphere in the ground that is for certain especially with SmogDane bellowing out Viking battle cries! Maybe Blanco can accompany him with some unheard  Celtic phrases.
    • H Blackburn v Swansea A Cardiff v Brentford H Fulham v PNE H Huddersfield v Charlton D Luton v Stoke H Millwall v Bristol City D QPR v Birmingham H Reading v Barnsley A Sheff Wed v Derby H WBA v Wigan
    • H Blackburn  v  Swansea D Cardiff  v  Brentford. H Fulham  v  P.N.End. H Huddersfield  v  Charlton. D Luton  v  Stoke. H Millwall  v  Bristol Cty. H Q.P.R.  v  Birmingham. D Reading  v  Barnsley. H Sheff Wed:  v  Derby. H W.B.A.  v  Wigan.
    • This is what kind of annoys me about our fans, we’ve had some really good players never really click with our fans because they don’t ‘put it about’ and some truly overrated ones because they do get stuck in. If we built a team of leadbitter types we wouldn’t get very far I’m afraid.
    • Most likely losing to both and Woodgate remaining.  
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