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January 2018 Transfer Thread AKA The Morning After *Thread Closes at 9pm*

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Who the *** sanctioned all the dross in the summer?


Someone should have realised that we've signed too many strikers and too many centre midfielders. That's just the basics. I find it incredible how we're in a position that just seems to be scatter gun. Absolute no logic behind our purchases in the summer at all.


Fair play to Pulis. At least he is taking people away who don't fit his system. He has a system and knows who he wants and needs. *** you Monk who just accumulated players for the sake of it and now we're left reeling.


I'm glad Braithewaite is going on loan. He had an audition for the CAM role on Saturday and was bloody awful. He's not suited for the left, good enough up top and there's no where else he fits in.


Id he dissapointed if a loan didn't come in for the attacking positions as well as Harrison. But, I wouldn't hold it against Pulis. It's refreshing that a manager is sensible. I have a feeling Gibson will back him more because of this in the summer.

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Bordeaux have negotiated a €7m option to buy in their loan agreement with Middlesbrough for Martin Braithwaite - L'Équipe http://bit.ly/JanDDay2018


Now that is poor negotiation. Unless of course they pay a few million in loan fee. In that case we may almost break even.


It depends what the structure of our purchase was in the first place.  It might have been £1m down and then a further £8m when we win the Champions League.

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    • I was about to start and point out how lucky and pampered you lot have been for a long long time Most have you won't know what a third division stadium looks like nor what it s like to sit on the steps in the Holgate at half time 'cause there's no one much about and the first half was garbage .........  and we're losing again   Then I thought I can't be bothered
    • Fry absolutely wants to remain at the club. Has no plans to leave. He's a home boy and just moved into a new house in Nunthorpe 👍. I think the 3 previous managers talking about problems with players attitudes just highlights what's been wrong at the club for a long while. Luckily a few of them are moving on this summer.  And they will be in a big shock when they don't get anywhere near the current money they are currently earning.  
    • Agree. Also its not just a strong first XI we need, if we want to push for promotion we're also going to to need decent cover on the bench.
    • Pretty depressing reading these posts, I have to say. If any of these rumours are true, we're gonna end up losing some of our best players, along with the dead wood. Just another reason for me not to have any hope next season, if Warnock is also alienating them, by continuing not to pick them when fit, or throwing them under the bus in press conferences. I guess we'll find out if he knows what he's doing come pre-season, but right now its not looking too clever.  

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