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    • Fairly sure it's not 300 at the beginning. That would be an extortionate amount of money for a video stream online. I think it was 170 to begin with.
    • I think the cost of the seasonal video pass just goes down after each match. It's £170 now, pretty sure it was over £300 at the beginning of the season.
    • But you don't see it EVERY time and players feigning death when the ball is in a dangerous area because the ref has to stop play as was suggested by boro-unger 🙂 I admit that the same discription about the keepers being fully functional is not present in the english wording of the IFAB rulebook. Strange that it's different in the Danish text. It still doesn't change the fact that Arsenal got lucky, because if the ref had seen De Gea was down he would have blown the whistle immediatley.
    • We're going by the English version of the rules, not your crazy moon language
    • You absolutely see players fake head injuries, seems every game someone goes down clutching their face despite zero contact. There's a preference and prioritisation to stop play when the keeper is injured, but no law stating it needs to happen. It's at the ref's discretion for exactly the reason we saw yesterday, to stop keepers from feigning injuries to break up opposition attacks. Only person at fault is De Gea for thinking it was appropriate to hurl himself to the floor before the ball was even cleared.

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