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I cannot agree that Christie is dropped. He puts a shift in and can is proactive. The manager definitely sets up to hit long balls to Gestede otherwise i don't see why he should drop Assombolonga!


Assombalonga hasn't been playing very well so deserved to be dropped, needs a bit of a kick up the backside. I'm sure he'll be back in a game or two, he's still our best striker when on form.

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Christie must be pretty fed up, he has arguably been one of our better players, operating as Monk asked him to, upfield as an attacking threat. The problem is, that system left us open at the back, and that is not the Pulis way, He now finds himself the casualty of the change of system as Shotton is more of the solid, defensive fullback operating as part of a back four which looks to be the new system.

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    • He was probably our top target because he was free and experienced at this level. It's disconcerting when we need three in and we've missed out on a free transfer. Going to be a long summer.
    • Well football is cyclical. They were at the top of theirs back then...as were we. I guess we can count ourselves lucky we didn't bottom out as low as they did.     In one sense they were horrible days. With hindsight we were clearly spending beyond our means...even with Sky's millions. Not saying Southgate would have kept us up without the budget cutting but he'd have had a better chance. We didn't plan long-term to make sure we could sustain our place in the PL...or mount a strong comeback once we got relegated. Just been a series of kneejerk reactions and short-term thinking. On the flip side it was fun while it lasted. I would love to know though if Gibson & the board actually thought the gravy train would ride on indefinitely, or if they were actually aware of the precarious state the club would be in, if the money stopped rolling in...   Ah yes, the days when we were Middlesburgh Celtic. 😁  
    • This is scarily familiar, right down to the team signing our top option!
    • If he was our top target and he has chosen to go play second fiddle to last seasons ‘obviously not top target’ that’s disconcerting.
    • That is the only thing that would surprise me. The scale of the rebuild needed is huge. I don’t see us getting quality and quantity.

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