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Boro vs. QPR (A) 3-0 (Ayala, Friend, Traore)

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@ladyspite.....Karanka was manager when we were promoted....however, I believe when he failed the first time he should have been replaced....any other chairman would have got rid then and let's not forget, we limped over the line wit a 1 goal GD...hardly a convincing stake on our claim to membership of the Prem.

However....now is now and I believe we have a good and proven manager in Pulis...time will tell

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@DZ..... I cannot agree with what you said regarding goals scored under AK....we didn't score enough...so there is the proof.

Strangely today, the same thing was mentioned in the BHA v Chelsea....and I paraphrase......BHA has the least goals against them in their position in the league, a cracking defense record BUT they are where they are because they aren't scoring goals.


What proof is that? We scored plenty of goals, more than Huddersfield did when they got promoted last season as ladyspite pointed out. Forest will be better off for having Karanka as their manager, any team in the Championship probably would.



We scored the 9th and then the 8th most goals in the league in our two full seasons under Karanka.  What another team did in a season we weren't even in that league is completely irrelevant.  God knows why it's even been mentioned.


In 2014/15 we scored 30 fewer goals than Bournemouth, 23 fewer goals than Watford and 20 fewer goals than Norwich.  Those are the three teams that won promotion in this season.  In 2015/16 the gap was nowhere near as great.  Burnley, Brighton and Brentford were the joint top scorers in this season but they only scored 9 more goals than we did.


So if you think that 68 goals in 46 games and then 63 goals in 46 games is a lot then we scored a lot.  If you don't then we didn't. If you think that being the 9th and 8th top scorers equals scoring a lot then again we did score a lot.  If you don't then again we didn't.


I don't think we did score plenty but then we weren't really trying to were we?  And in the 2015/16 season it was less relevant because three of the higher goalscorers from the season before had been promoted and nobody else had really taken their place.

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we scored more goals in our promotion season then Hudds did.....


And fewer than lots of other teams that won promotion.  Huddersfield finished 5th last season didn't they?  They didn't win automatic promotion as we did.


No but they where talked about as a very attacking team who played fast attacking flow football like Dortmund and Liverpool ;)


By whom? Presumably people who hadn't actually watched them play I take it?

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so how come every football pundit said we weren't scoring enough goals....or was it that there were better clubs at defending that us....maybe AK was the defensive master he though he was....or shall we blame it on Agnew or the rest of the team...........I hate to drag up old games but AK failed to take advantage of our fairly easy first 6 games where AK could have attacked and put a few points in the bank.....However, that is history and this is now


I think the difference in Opinion surely has to do with the contrasting statistics of us under AK in the Championship and the Premier League. We were text book in the championship alas it backfired when we only did it half right in the Prem. Personally think its like beating a dead horse.

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QPR commentators convinced they should have a penalty, then with every replay seem to get less loud and confident about it.


True, although they are fairly well balanced with their commentary and are very complimentary of our team’s organisation.


Oh totally agree, just made me laugh was all. Think they said they've only had 1 penalty all year, so totally understand the want.


You're right though, they have been very complimentary.

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How did Assombolonga perform? havent seen the game


Didn't do too bad to be fair, didn't really have any chances but good running, nearly got on the end of some passes and played one excellent pass to Downing whose shot was blocked.

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