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Boro vs. Brighton (FA Cup) 0-1

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Braithwaite's audition in the hole has so far been rubbish.


Worrying that we're struggling without Downing playing there.

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    • With a team/squad so devoid of any attacking threat/flair, for me Roberts offers enough to start every game until the end of season now. 
    • Yeah his first chance I gave him the benefit of the doubt, the lad's all left-foot clearly. I was more thinking of the one after. Maybe defender would have blocked the pass too but Wing was completely free in the middle waiting for it. But like you say, he's facing goal, if he wastes a pass everyone just complains that he didn't get his shot off so I can definitely understand why he has a go.
    • Haha i am saying 4pts as opposed to 3pts plus better goal difference because former brings more comfort. And right now that is in short supply as a boro fan. We need to turn up v Reading. They are now mathematically safe but it makes little difference as we just dont know which boro will turn up. So annoying.
    • ok look at this way, there are 6 teams below us, if they all play each other only 3 sides can pick up maximum points. if they dont play each other theres still the potential for all 6 teams to pick up maximum points.  my point about them being rubbish and picking up points still stands imo and is dosent matter that they play each other as i stated above, one team always loses out, or in a draw senario they both lose out. theres only 3 games left so with teams below us playing each other we state with certainty that they cant all pick up maximum points which has to work in favour.  agree one more win is needed, but look at other sides around and there form is worse, charlton no win in 4 lost 3 in a row,  stoke 1 win in 5 losing 3 and play forrest brentford and bristol in run in. Huddersfield no win in 3, havnt scored in any of those game and play sheff wed, wba and millwall in run in.   my ultimate point is there 6 teams below us and we just need to be better than 3 of them. and were in good postion with a 4 point gap on barnsley, 3 on luton and 2 on hull with better goal difference than all 3. also wigan look likley to get a 12 point deduction which send them bottom.   
    • So would I, if your trying to win a game you need a midfielder who isn't frightened to shoot or get in the box and that's Tav. 
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