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Boro V Reading 2-1 (Traore (2) Britt misses penalty)

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Well I'm as up for this as I was for strachans last few games in charge, when the season was due to start I re-negotiated my terms at work so that Weekends (Saturdays mainly) were optional so I wouldn't miss a match - Today however I am working having gave my ticket away to a friend and I am looking forward to the rugby.


For my tuppence worth though;-

4 4 2


Shotton Ayala Gibson Friend

Traore Besic Howson Downing

Assombalonga Gestede


3-0 win


You gave your ticket away for a game you suspect to be a 3-0 win :s


I’m currently sat in the cinema watching Paddington 2 and I would’ve gladly swapped with you

No mate, the 3-0 is a reflection of my waning optimism as I usually go 8-0.

A broader explanation is this;- I can go to work and be £150 quid better off and not spend a penny or go to game spend £80, be depressed and around £230 worse off than had I worked.   So I'm working - basically instead of Boro being a priority on a Sat its become an option and today I'm opting for extra money and England v Wales.

But lets face it at the start of the season "Smashing the league" was Gibsons priority so if he can change his regarding the Boro I can change mine too.


Well this took a turn a didn’t expect to a lighthearted quip to rather being at the football than watching Paddington 2.

But seeing as you brought up the ‘Smashing the league’ Quote I’ll bite

Gibbo has, is and always will have Boro smashing the league his priority. We broke our transfer record and invested as heavily as we ever have in the squad. Unfortunately he then gave that huge financial advantage to a fricken clown. Once he realised he then went out and has paid for a very experienced premier league manager who has won promotion from this league before.

In short I think your wrong in your assessment of Gibbo changing his priorities it’s just a shame he (very heavily) backed the wrong horse

I have my opinion on Gibson and it's not as rosey as others, when it comes to backing horses I certainly wouldn't take a tip from him. I was being light hearted and wouldn't mind going to the pics - all I was saying is I had faith in Gibson, changed my work hours etc and spent a lot of money - I'm just so sure he is as ambitious as you lot think and I amsick of hearing about how much money he threw at the club, all his contributions have been loans and our sales have more or less balanced the books with our out goings. I'm just not in the "in Gibbo we trust" gang anymore - anyway, what are you doing on the phone in a cinema?

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The day that everything clicks.


3-0 to the Boro.


If we play with the same tempo as seen against Fulham and are clinical in front of goal this will be an easy game.


Reading are poor and we will dominate for long spells. Get that money on Ayala or Shotton to score first cos we will have corners for days.


Britt to finally score as well. He needs a goal and he only scores against poor teams.

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Its long overdue. I am going for 5-1 with Britt or Rudy bagging the opener depending on who starts. £2 on it at around 400-1.


It will be interesting to see if we get to see Besic in the side today. His added pace, strength and mobility may allow us to push more players forward safe in the knowledge that he is there to stop counter attacks. In my opinion we have been crying out for a player like him for quite some time. The lack of mobility in the middle of the park has restricted us going forward with real intent.

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I have only one wish, please oh please do not start with Leadbitter and Clayton. Thats all thank you.


I don't want either to start... would love to see Howson and Besic given a chance. So much more mobile and forward thinking.


The last home game we had twice as many shots as sheff wed. And 7 on target to their 1. Yet still to some our problem is we aren’t creative enough

If we’ve had over 20 shots in a game I’d say creativity isn’t the problem, shooting is

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