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Boro v Sunderland (A) 3-3 (Bamford (2) Leadbitter)

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    • Did we find out who the returning old face was? 
    • Yea this is what I’ve been saying even about Payero. Fans screaming for them but what do we actually know about them to be spending so much?! IF they turn out great then that’s amazing and of course I’d be over the moon but didn’t think we had the funds to be gambling with so much money at the moment. Seems to be two different transfer plans, one let’s find out of contract or lower fee players from ‘smaller’ clubs. Two, ah let’s have a go they might turn out to be world class so let’s spend 6million.
    • This is how I'm starting to feel too... Can we gamble £8m on potential right now?  We obviously have a decent chunk to spend on a striker for the first time since Assombalonga and Fletcher. Really important to get this right.
    • Well done Midtjylland, and good luck in the competition, but honestly, Celtic are in a real mess right now. I cannot see how their new manager is the right fit for a club needing root-and-branch rebuilding, and I feel Rangers under Gerrard are going to go from strength to strength this season. Funny (yet also quite sad) how Scottish football goes through these lengthy cycles of one-club dominance while the other flounders and falls apart. I think it'll be a good few years before Celtic win the SPL again.

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